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Summary: David practiced a true, biblical worship of God because he was passionate about God.

Jesus said that the Father is looking for people who would worship Him in spirit and in truth. This type of worship is more than what we now call “praise and worship”. We so often judge a church by their “praise and worship,” as if that is the only barometer to the spiritual health of a church. We seem to be impressed by a church that has exciting and loud music and sings the latest in praise and worship choruses even though its people may not really have a clue about who God really is nor what he expects as far as true worship.

When we think of true biblical worship, we are often drawn to David, because David had a passion for God. It was a real passion. It wasn’t shallow and it wasn’t self-serving. He truly loved God and longed for Him every day. (Ps. 42:1-2)

As we read the Psalms we learn a little about the worship David practiced and why he was so passionate about God.

1.David lived his worship.

a.Worship wasn’t just something he did once or twice a week with other people. Worship was giving his life completely to God and to God’s purposes.

b.This type of worship begins outside the sanctuary in the context of a daily walk with God. (Ps. 89:15) All the beautiful psalms David wrote and the music he sang and played grew out of his personal walk with God. Even the victories he won in his battles were an overflow of his personal relationship with God. David had power because he knew God.

c.Paul reaffirms this principle in Rom. 12:1. If our worship is to be a biblical worship, it will be a way of life, the willing and daily sacrifices to God of everything we are, everything we have, and everything we do.

2.David was uncompromising in his worship. (Ps. 27:4)

a.David’s worship was wholehearted, not just halfway or stingy. He had total focus, total commitment, and total devotion. No doubt there were voices that clamored for his attention and devotion, but he was single-minded in this.

b.All of us are meant to express this same type of uncompromising worship. (Matt. 22:37). It means making deliberate choices about our commitments. Are you willing to do this?

3.David witnessed through his worship. (Ps. 57:9)

a.David’s worship was public. He didn’t just worship in private. He was unashamed to proclaim God’s name for all to hear. In fact, he meant for his worship to be heard so that it would lead others to God. (Ps. 40:3)

b.The most important element in a church service is connecting with God. When we worship God passionately, we will meet God. But even more than that, we give visitors who don’t know God a chance to meet God. Instead of being concerned with how our visitors might feel, we should let our worship witness.

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