Summary: 4 points to be considered by the calling Church and the considered Candidate


I. Their Call

* Initiated to fix a problem within the Church

* Should be out of necessity, not just because

* The desire and grace to serve (not rule) comes from the Lord

The call itself comes from the Church

* The Church should remember this….trust them, respect them,

and when they disqualify themselves, remove them.

* Free up good deacons to do their job.

* The Church believes you (candidates name) to be honest, full

of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. This means you are to be reputable,

Spiritual and practical. Don’t prove them wrong!

II. Their Character

* Able to appreciate the seriousness of the position

Speak with consistency to different people

Social and recreational alcohol is out

Never use your office as leverage for personal gain.

Believe and LIVE Gods word

No obvious hindering blot on their life

Marital and home life in order (address wives here)

* These traits do not include…. “He’s a good un“……“he’ll give

you the shirt off of his back”……“he’s good with money”

(or my favorite)… “well he’s all we got to choose from”!!

* Many churches suffer because they called men of weak character.

III. Their Career

* Take care of physical needs of hurting and strained people

within the Church.

* Assist the pastor in any way possible.

* Remember, you are servants of the church and not a board of directors.

Your call is not to serve as a finance committee, pastor policing agency

or policy maker.

* If the relationship between Pastor and Deacon flourishes its beautiful.

The church prospers.

If the relationship is competitive it will be unbearable for someone.

The Church suffers.

* Use the office well and purchase to yourself a good degree as well

As great boldness in the faith.

IV. Their Challenge

* Serving in a deteriorating world that is often hostile towards God,

His church and His people

* Serving in a time when the church is increasingly distracted

and disillusioned.

* Overcoming personal preference and prejudices

* Discipline your ways, words and works

* Defend and protect the faith, your church and your pastor.

* Serve knowing that relatively all of your recognition and

reward for service will come in heaven. I personally believe

That the reward of a sound and faithful deacon may be

greater than a lot of preachers.

* (candidates name) If you ever do anything to disqualify yourself

From this office or if you lose your burden of heart to serve these

People, don’t make it hard on yourself and your church, be a man and

Step down

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