Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Dealing with issues? Go to the source.

Many people, even Christians have issues in their life that if left unattended will lead them to a mediocre life or to certain catastrophe.

Sometimes we think that God is to busy to involve himself with our issues (Verse 25 says; " this woman had an issue for twelve years")

#1). Say issues.

Turn to somebody and tell them; "Neighbor!, It’s time to deal with your issues"

A. She had dealt with it the best way she knew how.

By going to the doctors and spending all her money

Probably trying all the remedies that others gave her.

She relied on her own strengths and resources

B. Her issue also created other issues and brought to her life burden, pain and persecution.

She had social and moral issues. Besides that she was a woman, If She touched anything it was considered unclean.

If she was married, she had marital issues (The law didn’t allow her to have sexual relations with her husband).

She probably had emotional issues because of her condition. (Everything she touched was considered unclean).

Those here that are ladies imagine having the monthly occurrence for twelve years in a row

Every day, every hour, every minute.

She probably smelled from her ongoing condition.

She probably had spiritual issues. (By the law she was not allowed in the temple to worship because of her condition)

C. We to, sometimes have to deal with issues.

1.Low self esteem

2. Unhappiness



5.work issues

6.Issues with your marriage

Look at your neighbor and tell them; "Turn your issues over to Jesus"

#2). Verse 27 says that; "When she heard that Jesus was in town she pressed in and touched the hem of His garment".

She came to town even though nobody wanted her around.

Sometimes we may have to go where we feel unwanted to be touched by the Lord.

Sometimes you have to press in to get your issues resolved (YOU CANT DEPEND ON OTHERS TO DO IT FOR YOU).

Push pass the pain

Push through the pain.

Push through the years of suffering and determine to change your situation.

Leave the past behind and grab a piece of Jesus

#3). Verse 27,28 "She touched the hem of His garment. For she said; I know that if I touch Him. I will be whole again.

-Her knew where her healing came from

-She knew, she would be delivered.

-She had to lower herself


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