Summary: Biblical principles for dealing with your anger.

“Dealing with Anger”

John 2:14-16

I. The world’s method of dealing with anger

A. Express it

1. It causes the physical body to change

2. Venting anger often causes us to become


B. Let it steam

1. Good for a teapot not a human

2. Like a teapot it allows the atmosphere around

to become hot and humid

C. Proverbs 29:11 says, “A fool gives full vent to his

anger but a wise man keeps control of himself.”

II. The traditional Christian view of dealing with anger

A. Repress it

B. Gunny sack it

III. God’s method of dealing with anger

A. Be slow to anger like God

1. Ephesians says, “Be imitators of God.”

2. It is a part of character but not as powerful as


B. Be angry about the right things

1. God’s creation being perverted, abused or


2. Jesus was angry at the money changers but it

was the anger of God to achieve the

righteousness of God.

C. We are to confess our anger

1. Go to your brother or sister who is angry with


2. Be quick to listen and slow to speak, Jms 1:19

3. Do not sin

4. God will take care of wiping away the hurt

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