Summary: How did David handle wicked King Saul?

Before we celebrate Communion today, let us continue to learn from the Book of 1 Samuel.

Turn with me briefly to 1 Samuel 24…… King Saul, who was hunting David to kill him, went in a cave and David could have killed Saul there. Now look at v16-22….

It sounded like King Saul had a change of heart for David; let’s find out.

And as we read our chapter for today, think about this question: Why would David risk his life, and his companion’s, and not kill Saul? Turn now to 1 Samuel 26…..

Read along with me now starting with v1 …..

Let’s summarize what happened. I believe there is one main Biblical principle to apply for our lives.

v1-2: Saul hunts David again with 3000 men!

v3-5: David surveyed the situation.

Let’s picture the camp…. Yes it was evening, but Saul was guarded by his Captain and other officers; plus Saul was surrounded by 3000 chosen soldiers. Isn’t it interesting that David wanted to personally be near Saul (really a death wish on his part), but again David has vowed not to kill Saul. And what do we note first of all….

v6: David calls on a companion to go to Saul! Why?? Note that David called on 2 people.

I think David just needed someone to carry his coffee!

There can be many reasons why David would call on a companion, but 2 or 3 against over 3000 is still no match, right?; and so, there are 2 main reasons for David calling on a companion: first of all, 2 were called but only one said yes:

1. David gave an opportunity for a person to step up in faith with him!

Would you have gone with David?

2. As we can note in the story; David needed a witness!

And what do we note in v8? David’s companion Abishai wanted to kill Saul.

Just a side note, even today, let us not be surprise of Christians who want to hurt someone. Let us note that Christians are at different levels of maturity. David called Abishai to take a step of faith but also was trying to teach him to be more mature in his faith in God. So as another biblical principle for us, let us call people to take a step of faith but also teach them to grow in their faith (and it starts with our own personal lives).

v9-11: David repeats his vow not to kill Saul. Why??

David accepted the fact that Saul was appointed by God to be King!

Now, what’s significant about v12??

God was involved in this whole thing!! It was God who made sure everyone in Saul’s camp, over 3000 war soldiers, were asleep when David snuck up to King Saul. Why did David risk his life and did what he did? God helping David gives us a clue; David’s intent was God approved and therefore we should know this Biblical principle; always be aware of God’s involvement with our lives (we noted this last week). Now, let’s finish the story in chapter 26.

v13-17: David announces what he did to King Saul and his army.

Was David trying to embarrass Captain Abner and Saul? I think so, because God made sure we are reading that David first focused on Abner.

Was that the reason why David risked his life without killing Saul, to embarrass them?

What do we read in v18-25? What did David say to King Saul??

David did not kill Saul, because he was God’s anointed, but David rebuked Saul of his wrong doing!

The key verse to this passage is v23…..

And so, I believe the main biblical principle from this passage is this:

We must not hurt God’s appointed but tell them what wrong they are doing!!

The New Testament for Christians have many verses about obeying those in authority over us, because God appointed them over us. A main verse is Romans 13:1-5

But let us always remember Acts 5:29….

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