Summary: - David had every reason for despair - How David kept his sanity under Saul’s assaults

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The defeat of Despair: — Mr. Greatheart, old Honest and the four young men went up to Doubting Castle to look for Giant Despair. When they came at the castle gate, they knocked for entrance with an unusual noise. At that the old giant comes to the gate; and Diffidence his wife follows Then these six men made up to him, and beset him behind and before; also, when Diffidence the giantess came up to help him, old Mr. Honest cut her down at one blow. Then they fought for their lives, and Giant Despair was brought down to the ground, but was very loath to die. He struggled hard, and had, as they say, as many lives as a cat; but Great-heart was his death, for he left him not till he had severed his head from his shoulders. (J. Bunyan. - Pilgrims Progress Part II)

- David had every reason for despair

- How did David kept his sanity under Saul’s assaults?

- Saul now knew that he was going to be replaced. 15:26, 18:8

- Saul now out to destroy David

- Saul set out to thwart God’s purpose

- Thinking dead men can’t reign

- Knowing the praise that people had for David -18:7

Saul’s Steps to Rid Himself of David

1. 18:10 - Next day a javelin thrown twice

2. 18:13 Military commission would go to David’s head

- Hoping David might turn traitor to gain Kingdom

- Saul then would have the right to have him killed

- 18:14 - He behaved himself wisely

3. 18:17 - Promised him his oldest daughter

- Then had her marry another

- Hoped this would spark anger with David to retaliate against Saul

- Not a hint from David for revenge

4. 18:20-27 - Could have Michal for a dowry of 100 Philistines

- David returned with 200 Philistines

5. 19:1 - By Saul’s command - Kill David

- 19:2 - Thwarted by Jonathan delight in David

- 19:6-7 -David had a temporary reprieve

6. 19:10-11 Saul’s third attempt with a javelin

- David fled that night to his home

7. 19:14 Servants sent to arrest David

- Escaped through a window

- 19:13 - Gained time by intrigue

8. 19:19-21 Three times Servants sent to Ramah to arrest him

- Then Saul goes himself

- LORD fights for him

Ps 59 Note the title

- Altaschith (Al tash-kayth) “Do not destroy”

Ps 57, 58 & 75

- Michtam? Ps 16, 56-60 Root word to stamp or engrave — Golden, Precious

How David Dealt With Difficulties?

1 Ps 59:9 - God was his defense

- He would be patient

- Secure

- His high tower

- Resting in the LORD’s ability

- LORD fought his battles

2. 59:10 - God of my mercy

- Confident

- Knowing that he is forever loved

3. 59:16-17 - Satisfied

- Joy – Braking forth in praise

- David’s secret can be ours also through Jesus Christ

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