Summary: Outline of II Peter 2 and the book of Jude

Dealing with False Teaching-New Testament & Now

I. The False Teachers Doctrine (New Testament)

A. The Saducees [Gospels; Acts] (Denial of the Resurrection)

B. The Pharisees [Gospels; Acts] (Denial of the Truth vs. Tradition)

C. The Judaizers [Acts 15; Galatians] (Denial of Salvation by Grace thru Faith Alone)

D. The Gnostics [ II John] (Denial of the Doctrine of Christ)

E. The False Teachers [ II Peter; Jude] (Damnable Heresies)

II. The False Teachers Prophesied (II Peter 2)

A. Describing the False Teachers (v.1-3)

1. Their Source (v.1a)

2. Their Method (v.1b, 3)

3. Their Message (v.1c )

4. Their Success (v.2)

5. Their Motive (v.3a)

6. Their Doom (v.1d, 3b)

B. Damnation/Destruction/Judgment of False Teachers (v.4-9)

1. Comparing to The Fallen Angels (v.4)

2. Comparing to The Old World (v.5)

3. Comparing to Sodom & Gomorrah (v.6-8)

4. Conclusion of God’s Working (v.9)

C. Denouncing False Teachers (v.10-22)

1. By Painting Vivid Portrait of Their Perverted Character (v.10-16)

2. By Painting Vivid Portrait of Their Perverted Doctrine (v.17-19)

3. By Painting Vivid Portrait of Their Pitiful Position (v.20-22)

III. The False Teachers Arrived (Jude)

A. Jude’s Introduction (v.1, 2)

B. Jude’s Purpose (v.3,4)

C. Jude’s Illustrations of Apostates (v.5-7)

D. Jude’s Description of Apostates (v.8-16)

E. Jude’s Exhortation/Encouragement to Beloved (V.17-23)

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