Summary: Dealing with our Issues

When I began preparing for this Mother’s Day Sermon, I petitioned the Lord to give me a word that would serve as an edification for such an awesome task as that of motherhood. Setting the parameters of the subject I wanted to preach, I went into meditation and heard the Holy Spirit ministering. I began at the beginning for the title of mother, going to Eve. I looked at Eve, and the reason God understood there was a need for man not to be alone so he made Adam a helpmate. I even tarried a while looking at how even the serpent understood the strengths of a woman, knowing that she had the ability to convince her mate to eat of the tree of knowledge. With Eve being the mother of human kind I became excited about using the first mom as my subject. As I continued in prayer, the Lord poured into my senses Sarah and Elizabeth, two women made mothers at an old age. Surely this would give encouragement to those who were waiting patiently to have children, and offer reassurance to those of us struggling to raise children in a society that appears to be bent on destroying their minds and spirits. The story of these two women who went through the ordeal of labor pains all in order to fulfill a prophecy. Both worthy candidates for such an auspicious occasion as today. Then I felt led to look at Naomi who not only served as a mother to her sons, but also to her son’s spouses. Sending yet again the message of the importance of love. Undergirding the meaningfulness of family. Embracing the significance of faithfulness. But the Lord had me to continue in my quest. Of course I went and looked at Mary, the mother of our salvation provider. The one who even after finding out she would bear a child only to see him persecuted and killed - trusted God enough to allow him to use her. After looking at these scriptures and these women the Lord made me continue on my journey. Being excited in my spirit because I knew that each one of these women the Lord had directed me to would indeed be excellent women to preach upon on such a glorious day of celebration of mothers. Now imagine my amazement and bewilderment when he sent me to the chosen scripture. About the woman with an issue of blood! Now, look, here a woman who had been hemorrhaging.... on her dreaded cycle for twelve years. Now first of all, there is no way she could have been married suffering from twelve years of pms. Women we already know that men almost have to move into the next country during this mood swaying period each month. If she had a female ailment of this type, chances are she did not have any children. So I asked God, "what type of Mother’s day sermon can I preach using a childless woman."

The Lord told me to look at each of the women in the bible he had led me to. Eve - though she did serve as the mother of all human race, she had issues with obedience. Naomi, though she did allow her daughter in laws to follow her after the death of her sons, she had issues dealing with the loss of her sons and her spouse. Even Sarah and Elizabeth, though they had faith, that had to deal with the issue of being barren for years, than with the issue of raising a child at such a seasoned age. Yes even Mary had issues to deal with. Being the mother of the Messiah could not have been an easy task. Imagine the ridicule she endured carrying a child out of wedlock. How she was mocked by the other women in town. Then as this child grew older, I imagine Jesus understanding and realizing who his father was, may have been a handful to mother - since he could raise the dead and heal the sick, she may have dealt with the issue of empty nest syndrome early on in her motherhood. Than it hit me, Each of these women had something in common with this woman with and issue of blood. Yes they all had cycles, and probably each suffered a level of pms. However it wasn’t the actual ailment that gave them a common denomenator. The connecting factor was that they each had issues that had to be dealt with! And the only thing that could deal with each of there issues was GOD!

Turn to somebody and say Neighbor, It’s time to deal with those issues!

Look what it says here this woman with an issue of blood. She had been bleeding for twelve years. Exhausted her funds going to various doctors. No one knew what caused the cycle to be ever flowing. Nobody knew how to stop it. Now those of us of the female persuassion know that this monthy occurance is anything but pleasant. Cramps, messy, uncomfortable, irratible, and painful period of time. A lot of times we don’t want to be around anybody, talk to anybody, or look at anybody. Imagine if we had our cycle everyday - every minute - every second for twelve years. This woman could not have been a happy camper. She had been poked and prodded by physicians. Due to her condition, and common practice of the era - she was not to be associated with others because she was considered unclean. Most likely she was weak and low in iron. She probably didn’t smell too good and was tender and sore. She had some ISSUES! Pain, poverty, insecurities, loneliness. One who was considered polluted, untouchable, unlovable. How many woman today because of their issues feel unlovable, unforgivable, unuseable, unreachable? How long have we dealt with our issues of faithless spouses, nerve racking children, overbearing work loads. How many years have we dealt with our issues of unhappiness, depressions , addictions, and obsessions. Issues of low self esteem, no self esteem, uncertainty, perplexities. This woman had dealt with her issues for twelve long years, and suddenly one morning she decided, "I am going to turn it over to Jesus!"

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Cecelia Taylor

commented on Oct 10, 2006

Excellent message! Faith heals; Jesus makes you whole!

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