Summary: We have an advocate who understands our weakness, and is able to carry our burden of temptation and sin.

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15 This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses since he had the same temptations we do, though he never once gave way to them and sinned.

16 So let us come boldly to the very throne of God and stay there to receive his mercy and to find grace to help us in our times of need.

We have an advocate who understands our weakness, and is able to carry our burden of temptation and sin.

1) Father knows best:


12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.


Would you give your keys to a 5 year old?

“Walking across the paddock is free but the bull charges” There is a cost.

We often think our way is best, but consider Jonah


3 But Jonah was afraid to go and ran away from the Lord. He went down to the seacoast, to the port of Joppa, where he found a ship leaving for Tarshish. He bought a ticket, went on board, and climbed down into the dark hold of the ship to hide there from the Lord.

Jonah ran from his call & hid from God, because he didn’t agree with Gods plan for Ninevah.

The story of Jonah could be our story today!

How often do we think we know best?

2) Freedom through the fear of God:


13 If anyone respects and fears God, he will hate evil. For wisdom hates pride, arrogance, corruption, and deceit of every kind.


Weigh up your calling--your vision--------verses sin committed and the loss of your vision---calling.

Thats why Satan wants to steal your vision. Thats why he wants to discourage you in your call.




1 SAM 25:29 -31

Even when you are chased by those who seek your life, you are safe in the care of the Lord your God, just as though you were safe inside his purse! But the lives of your enemies shall disappear like stones from a sling!

30 When the Lord has done all the good things he promised you and has made you king of Israel,

31 you won’t want the conscience of a murderer who took the law into his own hands! And when the Lord has done these great things for you, please remember me!"

I SAM 24:1-24

24:1 After Saul’s return from his battle with the Philistines, he was told that David had gone into the wilderness of Engedi;

2 so he took three thousand special troops and went to search for him among the rocks and wild goats of the desert.

3 At the place where the road passes some sheepfolds, Saul went into a cave to go to the bathroom, but as it happened, David and his men were hiding in the cave!

4 "Now’s your time!" David’s men whispered to him. "Today is the day the Lord was talking about when he said, ’I will certainly put Saul into your power, to do with as you wish’!" Then David crept forward and

quietly slit off the bottom of Saul’s robe!

5 But then his conscience began bothering him.

6 "I shouldn’t have done it," he said to his men. "It is a serious sin to attack God’s chosen king in any way."

7 These words of David persuaded his men not to kill Saul. After Saul had left the cave and gone on his way,

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