Summary: Just as Memorial Day reminds us of the advantages the deaths of others in armed struggle have brought us, we must take advantage of Christ’s death and the benefits it brings us.

Memorial Day reminds us fallen heroes still speak.

Established in 1868 as a day to honor the fallen soldiers of the just concluded Civil War, Memorial Day has grown into a recognition of all our nation’s war dead and the high price of our freedoms.

We must make Christ’s death for us count.

The message of the cross reminds us that Jesus’ death was the high price paid for our lives that can change our lives forever.

1. Commitment to Victory (1-4)

Sacrifice personally

Share generously

Study thoroughly

2. Unity in Action (5-6)

Open to new things

See others as having the same status you do

3. Service for Results (7-8)

God too gives “Greetings” to His branches of service

God too has a course in “basic training”

He has the power

He is the Commander

He gives the battle plan (“Go...make disciples)

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