Summary: The name David appears for the first time in Ruth 4:22. The name continues on to the end of the book of Revelation. Man after God’s own heart( 1 Sam. 13:14). Youngest of 8 sons(16:10-11). His death is another landmark.

Death of David

Text: 2 Kings 1-2


David was a man after God’s Own heart, but had numerous problems and difficulties in life. Though his fall made a vital change in the fortune of his life career, in spite of that, he had to face all jealousy, hatred, enmity of relatives, friends and authorities.

He was not able to enjoy the meaningful family life, not able to enjoy the true friendship of Jonathan. He was bombarded by his enemies. Hence, He acknowledged himself as nothing; he compared himself with a dog, a worm, small and a least of all.

David’s Problems:

David had faced many issues.

(1) The first problem came to him because of women. Women sang the songs: “Saul has slain his thousands and David his tens of thousands” (I Sam.18:7). Bible says from that Saul kept jealous eye on David (1 Sam.18:9). Then he gave orders to Kill David (1 Sam 19:1). King was against David so people were against David. First Samuel 23:7 says ‘Saul thought and justifies that God has given David in his hand to kill him’ whereas v.14 says ‘God never gave him up’.

(2) David had problems with the families of Saul. Abner was against David. Some of the enmities are unwanted even in our Lives. Sometimes we are hatred for no reasons.

(3) His lust led him to lose the family peace. He had to face several problems after that.

Jonathan helps David to find his strength in the Lord. A good God-fearing friend was his first strength (1 Sam. 23:16). Every one of us needs good, God fearing friends and mentors. Prayer partners who are genuine and motivator. No place for evil conversations, backbiting and unspiritual activities.

Sword of Goliath: David wanted to use the sword of Goliath because God has given him victory. ‘Nothing is like that’ (1 Sam 21:9).

Our first victory over sin, over the defeats, over the depressions, over the enmity is valued a lot. Our first love to God, our first sharing of the word, our first fasting, our first giving, our first ministry are our real strength. Everything counts a lot.

God himself (1Sam.30:6). David was more depressed, greatly distressed.

David had personal encounter with God. He was musician. So, he sang many Psalms, lyrics and poems. He exhorted people through his psalms. He encouraged himself in the Lord. He found the strength in the Lord.

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