Summary: This is a strong message on becoming debt free. I credit John Avanzini and Mike Murdock for this material. This word has blessed my congregation.

Debt Free Living

 I am in a teaching mode today. - take notes.

 I will be moving fast through this.

 This message will change your future.

 Much of this material is from John Avanzini and Mike Murdock, who are excellent teachers on finance.


1) You have to know our God is a debt-canceling God

 It is not enough to know that He can cancel debt.

 If God has demonstrated something, He’ll do it again. (Heb 13:3 …the same yesterday, today and forever.)

 If God has done for someone else, He’ll do for you. (Acts 10:34 God shows no partiality…)

 2 King 4:1-7 (The widow and Elisha)

 Why do we turn to God for help in every area of our lives except when it comes to finances, and then we turn to the world?

 The world does not want you out of debt, it wants you in debt.

 She knew she needed supernatural help.

 My God is a debt-canceling God!

 The Mosaic Law granted debt cancellation for 1650 years. Established in Duet 15

 Every seven years was a year of release. (every debt was cancelled.) No thirty-year mortgages!

 In 1650 years of Mosaic Law that was 247 times that God cancelled His people’s debt.

 And every 7-year cycle of 7 years they had a “out-of-debt” party to celebrate.

 Literally, millions of debts were cancelled by God.

 My God is a debt-canceling God!

 Neh 5:1-5

 There was famine in the Land and there were high taxes to be paid to the king of Persia.

 People were mortgaging their houses and borrowing money from to pay these for food and for taxes.

 Nehemiah becomes angry about the debt.

 Nehemiah gets the people mad about the debt

 We must get angry about debt.

 They spoke to the debt and in one day (vs. 11) all the debt of the nation was cancelled in one day.

 My God is a debt canceling God!

Matt 17:24 – Jesus had a debt (a tax debt)

 When the tax collectors came to collect, Jesus didn’t have Peter get the money from Judas.

 He sent him to the sea to go fishing.

 Jesus knew that there were going to be some of His people in 1999 that needed to know that our God is a supernatural-debt-canceling God!

 Philemon – Paul meets a slave named Onesimus.

 Onesimus is a runaway slave who was owned by a man named Philemon.

 Paul meets Onesimus while in chains and wins him to the Lord.

 Paul sends him home with a little postcard we know as the book of Philemon.

 To Onesimus it was a letter of debt-cancellation.

 Paul tells Philemon, if Onesimus owes you anything put it on my account (vs, 17)

 My God is a debt-canceling God!

 The Word says, “The truth will ….”, what?”

 The truth will not set you free, knowing the truth shall set you free.

 You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. – John 8:32

2) You must know that it is God’s will for you to be debt free.

 Just because everybody is doing it doesn’t mean God is in favor of it.

 Bowing to Nebuchadnezzar’s statue – Dan 3

 Worshipping the golden calf in the wilderness. – Exo 32

 Duet 28 – It is clearly identified as God’s will for us.

 First 14 chapters talk about those who walk in the will of God. – They will lend and not borrow. (vs. 12)

 Verses 15 – 68 talks about those who do not walk in the will of God. – will borrow and not lend (vs. 44)

 When I first got saved the Holy Spirit immediately convicted me about cussing.

 When you know it is God’s will for you to do something, there is a supernatural-energy that will enable you to do what God wants you to do.

3) You must speak as if you are getting out of debt.

 You have to get it in your heart that you are going to get out of debt.

Matt 15:18 “The things that proceed out of the mouth comes from the heart.”

 Start declaring debt cancellation out of your mouth.

Job 22:28 “You shall declare a thing and it will be established.”

 Lay your hands on your house and declare I will not take 30 years to pay off this house.

 Lay your hands on your car and declare this is the last car I will buy with a loan.

 Start talking about each debt and when it will be paid off.

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