Summary: Examines cases in the Bible where the receipent of a kiss was deceived.

"Deceitful Kisses"

Text: Proverbs 27:6


What we have contrasted in our verse is the difference between a faithful friend and an enemy.

A faithful friend will sometimes will do or say something to us that will be unpleasant and described in our verse as a wound.

However, the motive behind the faithful friend’s action is not one of hurt but help.

A faithful friend will point out things about ourselves that may not be pleasant to hear but will help you in the long run.

On the other hand someone who is your enemy will try to deceive you that they are your friend by giving you a kiss and hug.

This morning I am going to preach a message entitled "Deceitful Kisses"

I want us to look at some kisses in the Bible that were meant to deceive their recipients.

The Kiss of an Adulteress - Proverbs 7:13

Read Proverbs 7:10-23


v. 13 - The adulteress gives the man a kiss.

She reassures him everything is going to be all right.

v. 14 - She has even been to church and prayed about it, paid her vows.

She is right with God.

v. 15 - She tells him that she has looking for a man like him.

vs. 16-17 - She tells him that she has made everything ready for their night of romance and love.

v. 18 - She tells him "Baby, we are going to have a good time"

vs. 19-20 - She tells him that we don’t have to rush because my husband is away on business and won’t be home for sometime.

v. 21 - She tells him everything that he wants to hear.

vs. 22-23 - Shows the man was totally deceived and took the bait.


The truth is that everything will not be all right.

The Kiss of Absalom - 2 Samuel 15:5

Read 2 Samuel 15:1-6

The Kiss of Laban - Genesis 29:13

Read Genesis 29:9-14

The Kiss of Joab - 2 Samuel 20: 9-10


Read 2 Samuel 20:10

The Kiss of Job - Job 31:27


Here in Chapter 31, Job is defending his integrity with God.

Read Job 31:24-28

Job is saying if he had placed his confidence in gold.

Rejoiced in what he had accomplished.

If he given himself credit for all that he had accomplished then he has committed iniquity for denying the God above.

And should be judged and punished for it.


Read Job 31:27

What Job is saying in v. 27 is that we can deceive ourselves into thinking what we have obtained we did it without God.

Then we become so prideful and think we are so great as illustrated by kissing one’s hand.

In other words having the attitude, "I am so wonderful, so marvelous, so great!"

So, the deceitful kiss here would be in deceiving yourself that you something great without God and you are not!

The Kiss of Judas - Matthew 26:48-49

Mark 14:45-44

Luke 22:47-48

The most tragic deceitful kiss of them all.


The kiss of Judas was so suppose to appear as if Judas loved Jesus and was a friend of his,

One of his disciples.

Not to be afraid to be associated with Him.


The kiss of Judas was a kiss of betrayal.

The kiss was a sign to identify Jesus to those who were coming to arrest him.

Very tragic indeed.

Judas kissed the Door to Heaven and died and went to hell.


We have seen the deceitful kisses of the enemy and what they can do to deceive their recipients.

The kiss of the adulteress to bring a man to destruction and down to hell.

The kiss of Absalom to steal the heart of people and dethrone his father, King David.

The kiss of Laban to trick Jacob into working for him 14 years and prospering greatly at his hands.

The kiss of Joab that led to murder.

The kiss of Job as a result of pride.

The kiss of Judas that caused our Lord his life and sent Judas to hell.

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