Summary: Shows That Dlilah Is Not Gender Specific and That It’s A Spirit That Comes To Identify Your Weakness That Your Strength Will Be Overtaken.

Deception to Tap Into Your Weakness

Judges 16: 4-19


It is inevitable to tap into your strength until someone has tapped into your weakness.

Delilah deceives Samson so that she could gain monetary favor from the rulers who sought out to kill Samson because of all that he had done to torment the Philistine people.

Delilah Is Not Gender Specific

Nor Male - Nor Female

Because this is not a person but a spirit.

This spirit comes to deceive you so that your enemies can:

1) Capture You When You’re Weak

2) Place You In Bondage

3) Torment You To Frustration


Samson Let His:

(1) Eyes - Take Him Away From the Pathway to God.

(2) Heart - Lead him from God’s Will

(3) Spirit - Deceived Him To Believe That The Satisfaction of His Flesh Was of Foremost Importance.

Eyes, Heart & Spirit Lead us to many of our troubles.

Eyes = Reveals Theological Perceptions

Heart = Reveals Spiritual Activity (the heart must be changed, regenerated), before a man can willingly obey God.

Spirit = Reveals Attitude, Mood and Response

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