Summary: God desires that we LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP.


Scripture: Luke 5:1-4,5

1 And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret, 4 Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. 5 And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.


„h It was on the back side of the Roman Empire.

„h In the sweltering, fly infested inconsequencial land of Palestine.

„h In the Northern remote region of Galillee. Along the southern curvacious slopes of the Lake of Geneserrat.

„h Where the Earthly ministry of Jesus, was launched into the turbulant atmosphere of human history.


„h As I purroosed the pages of the bible, several things leeped out and said say something about me.

„h And I asked myself Why these people pressed so hard to hear Jesus?

- (Lost love on) Rose from the grave ?

- (beatup) horrible beating he was given ?

- (deserted) Disciples forsook the Garden Gadsemane?

- I don¡¦t know

- The itenerate preacher from Nazareth, possesed many remarkable qualities.

- He was young, full of vim, vigor and vitality.

- But not only was he young, he was a Rabi, although he had never attended any rabinical school. --- Not only that but he possesed a unique winsome, charismatic, magnetism that caused people from

all wlks of life to gather around him.

- Nobody had his personality. Everybody rushed to here Jesus. Have you ever been around those elitous type folk? Who look down their selfrighteous nose at folk and act like you don’t belong in their class... Not so with Jesus, Jesus had that uncanny ability to make every body feel like they were somebody. That’s why the bible says that the common people heard him gladly. Jesus was somebody speacial. So everybody rushed to hear Jesus.


„h All I know is in verse 1 the bible says they ran around the lake to meet him.

„h And when they got there the Bible says they were pressing!

„h They were pushing,

„h they were positioning,

„h they were posturing, t

„h hey were gyrating around Jesus.

„h They PROBABLY wanted to elbow one another so that they could get in a better position to hear what the man from Nazareth had to say.

Church Gets Good

„h Now we ought not to be too hard on them because they were acting a little funny.

„h Because, those of us of african american descent, we know that when church gets good WE tend to act a little funny.

„h CHOIR is singing folks goto nodding your heads and

„h patting your foot, putting your hands together WHEN CHURCH GETS GOOD, we tend to act a little funny.

„h And then when the preachments are heralded from the pulpit, and the word of God is being declared, when church gets good somebody way back there will say AMEN!

„h Somebody over there will say sho nuff;

„h Somebody over there will say talk sir; and

„h Somebody way back there will say you are preaching here now!

„h Somebody will stand up and shake a fanger’ at you;

„h Somebody might stand up and hit you on the back ..

„h You you just never know what might happen when CHURCH GETS GOOD!

„h Well on the back side of the Roman Empire. In the sweltering, fly infested inconsequencial land of Palestine. In the Northern remote region of Galillee. Along the southern curvacious slopes of the Lake of Geneserrate CHURCH GOT GOOD!


Simon (Paraphrase)

„h When Jesus finished preaching and the crowd was dispersed he turned and said hey Simon I want you to launch your boat out into the deep.

„h Now Simon is good friend friend of mine we have alot in common. So I talked with him about the text and he told me some things about his character that I want to share with you.

„h You see Simon was always that person who spoke his mind. because of his impetuosity he was always running out in front of every one.

„h And simon said to Jesus was, we toiled all night night and caught nothing.

„h So what he wanted to say to Jesus was Jesus you are a carpenter by tradeand I’m a fisherman. Now you respect me and I’ll respect you. Now when I need a house Jesus I will give you a call, because you know about that.

„h But you must understand is that i was born on this lake I know this lake from center to circumference, and even at that Jesus ..Fish don’t bite at this tim of the day.

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James Boswell

commented on Jan 31, 2007

Just delightful and insightful

D. Marie Hamilton

commented on Jul 2, 2008

This sermon is awesome! I loved reading it!

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