Summary: A balance approach to Christmas for the Christian

Defending and upending Christmas

Many overbalanced views of Christmas

Easier to talk about it now that’s it’s over

I want to do this lesson tonight-

so we can get it on C.D.

Sell them during the year- and be ready next Christmas

1. Where does the name “Christmas” come from?

First half of the word “Christ”- means “the anointed one”


1 To apply oil, ointment, or a similar substance to.

2 To put oil on during a religious ceremony as a sign of sanctification or consecration.

Mass. -1. a. Public celebration of the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church and some Protestant churches.

In summary, Christmas- as defined within the word-is from Roman Catholic, and has little to do with any information derived from the Bible itself.

2. Why December 25th?-

Romans had a feast on Dec. 25th called –

the feast of the Sun God

The 25th of December, when the sun was the lowest in the sky-and the day period the shortest-was called the "Birthday of the Sun,"

3. When was Jesus really born?

Luke 2:8-12

They shepherds brought sheep inside during winter months due to cold

Luke 2:1-3- Census would not be called for in the middle of winter

So the Dec 25th date we know is not correct

“Is there a way to know”

"Now Jesus himself was about thirty years old when he began his ministry." Luke 3:23.

He preached 3 ½ years and died on the 14th of Nisan- Passover

Nisan usually the end of March or Beginning of April

So a half year before that would be- SOMETIME IN OCTOBER

4. Are Christmas Trees pagan?

Jeremiah 10:1-5

Gentiles brought trees in and decorated them


They hung balls on the tree- WORHSIPPED PLANETS

Isaiah 44:12-28

One piece of wood and do all these things- then you make into a God

Moral of the story- don’t worship your Xmas tree

I’m not against them- not for them

If you want one get one- if you don’t then don’t

I don’t want them in sanctuary- don’t wanna fight that battle

5. So did everybody show up at the manger on the same night?

We read that the shepherds “find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes”

Now let’s read

Matthew 2:1-16

It says “Young Child” and they we at “the house”

The edict was to kill all kids 2 and under. Why?

That’s probably how old Jesus was at the time.

6. Why are they taking “Christ” out of Christmas?

Ever driving and see IXOYE

I- Jesus X- Christ O- God Y- Son E- Jesus

X stands for Christ

So X isn’t taking Christ out at all. X MEANS CHRIST

7. What about Santa Clause?- I”LL GIVE YOU MY OPINION

I talked about Santa Clause- some people think I’m against Santa

Not against Santa- I’m against what parents have done with Santa

Be good or Santa wont bring you gifts-

discipline your kids- If they’re naughty or nice is up to You

Don’t hold Santa over their head

If they can’t be good – You’re the parent ---fix it

“He sees you when You’re sleeping- know if you’re awake

God sees them- Santa don’t

We tell our kids their safe in their house- no monster – goblins- ghouls- burglars

You’re safe- Except for one night a year

Then a fat guy in a suit is going to

slide down the chimney- Eat our food and leave

Giving somebody else credit- for the money you spent-

We buy gifts, give a fat guy they’ll never meet the credit

Tell your kids- We love you and we spent our money to get you these gifts

Don’t lie to your kids- spend 5-6 yrs lying to them-


Tell them he’s like Bugs Bunny- A made up character- they’ll still love him

We watch Rudolph and Santa Clause every year

They’re characters- Rugrats, Dora, Jimmy Neutron, Tom & Jerry

Tell them you love them

You bought those gifts with your money

And you’ll give them gifts whether they’re good or bad

That’s what our Father does

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