Summary: The children of Israel have just had a great victory and deliverance from Egypt. They crossed the Red Sea. They are praising the Lord for what He has done.

In the Baptist churches alone, there are over 1,000 preachers a year that leave the ministry, why? There is no way of numbering the Christians that forsake Christ and His church, just simply give up and quit. Why is this going on? I think the main reason is because of discouragement. I think this is one of the most effective tools the Devil has, along with doubt.

Its so easy to become discouraged, from the Pastor on down.

1. My greatest times of weakness has come to me through discouragement.

2. Same is true in times of unbelief and panic.

John 10:10; Satan is out to destroy your life, both in Christ and your happiness. And his #1 weapon is discouragement.

We have just had a great time of victory, both in our church and in my personal life. we are kind of both on a spiritual high. God has met with us and blessed us. If we do not know what to expect in the days to come, we may become discouraged, helpless. Let us look at the life of Moses, if there ever was a man that had the right to become discouraged it was him.

The main defense against discouragement is to know what to expect. Brace yourself for the fall. We have to roll with the punches.

I. The Greatest Successes in Life are Often Followed by Failure

1. 2 Chronicles 31:20-32:1

2. Look at the context of the verse. They have just passed through the Red Sea.

a. Saw the enemy drowned.

b. Vs. 11-13, 17-18; They are praising God. Looks like they are fit for life.

c. Notice three days later they have forgotten everything they said. How soon we forget.

3. Its important to remember: the greatest successes of life are often followed by failure.

a. Elijah

b. Peter, in Matthew, after making the statement, “Thou art the Son of God”

c. Jesus, Matthew 3:4

d. Paul, in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10

4. The first thing we do when it looks like failure has come, is to look back and see where we missed God.

a. The testimony of Ron Dunn.

b. Same is true in my life.

5. The interesting thing, Marah was on the map. God led them by that place. God has a purpose in leading us to failure.

6. We do not learn to trust God at the Red Sea experiences, or third heavens.

7. We learn to trust God and grow when we are faced with the daily necessities of life.

a. Verse 25, he proved them there.

b. The Lord was purifying them there. He was showing them what was in their heart. Murmuring.

c. God was also preparing them there, read the next chapter, they do not have any food to eat. (God supplied that also.)

II. The Greatest Services of Life are often Followed by Forgetfulness

1. Here was Moses, a man who had led them from the wilderness, the Red Sea. Soon we forget.

2. People in a moment can forget a lifetime of service.

a. Do not forget the bread.

b. Mark 6: 52

3. notice two things on how to react when people forget.

a. Do not take it personally, 16:8. their murmurings were against God, not the man of God. We are in deep trouble when we take things people say and do personally.

b. Do not take it out on the people. Moses never did get mad at the people. He just took it to the Lord.

1) God showed him the answer, the tree.

2) The tree had been there all the time, but Moses did not see it until God showed him.

III. The Greatest Shortages of Life are Always Followed by Fullness

1. Look at the life of Job. Job 42:12

2. The Bible says they kept on going. just keep on trusting, obeying, praying, and God will lead you to fullness.

3. God will always do more than we could ever expect. Revelation 3: 20

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