Summary: What does CHRISTmas really meant to be? Did you bothered to look for the meaning of CHRISTmas? In fact, THE WAY we CELEBRATE Christmas is SATANIC! Anyway, CHRISTmas is the season for the NATIONS of the world to remember the

What does CHRISTmas really meant to be? Did you bothered to look for the meaning of CHRISTmas?

In fact, THE WAY we CELEBRATE Christmas is SATANIC!

Anyway, CHRISTmas is the season for the NATIONS of the world to remember the birth of Jesus CHRIST. CHRIST is the Messiah, the AWAITED SAVIOR of MANKIND, the Promised Deliverer. He is the KING of kings and the LORD of lords. CHRISTMAS is a SEASON of GRACE! On the other hand, celebration of Christmas is PAGANISTIC in nature. It is not biblical! It was just an idea of early Christians.

It was in 4th century when Western Christianity first placed Christmas on December 25. Theories explained that the choice of date falls exactly nine months after the Christian celebration of the “Annunciation”. Annunciation celebrates the angel Gabriel's appearance to the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, December 25 is an “ancient pagan winter festival”. In order to abolish this kind of celebration, they replaced it with a Christian one, “Christ Mass”. This later became “Christmas”.

You should understand that December 25 is not really the birthday of Jesus Christ. Imagine a new born baby in manger during a chilly winter time. Knowing that it’s a manger, during their time was commonly made of rice straw. It means that during Jesus’ birth was harvest season for grains. I’m sure you know what I mean. In addition, try to imagine a shepherd, pasturing their sheep on a field, full of snow. It must be very cold and green grass was covered with snow. Now, you got what I mean?

But why do we CHRISTians still celebrate it? I believe, God allowed CHRISTmas celebration be established, in the first place. It is God’s way so that the nations will hear about Jesus Christ. It is God’s way of preparing the hearts of ALL HUMANITY to believe in the MIRACULOUS BIRTH of Jesus Christ. Have you noticed that even non-CHRISTians and those who reject Jesus CHRIST as Lord and Savior participate in the celebration of CHRISTmas? God has a SECRET PLAN, for sure! IT IS A MYSTERY!

Satan is working during the celebration of CHRISTmas. Satan is also eagerly waiting for CHRISTmas. Why? When the NAME of Jesus CHRIST is being proclaimed, Satan is TREMBLING in TERROR so he will try his best to influence the audience. Satan is really using CHRISTmas to mock the Lamb of God (Jesus CHRIST). Let me tell you an example; while on my way home, I saw Christmas decorations at certain den of disco bars. This is a place where evil ways are being performed. The name of CHRIST is being mocked by the devil in this place. The said place is a den of evil and unclean spirits. Such as; spirit of drunkenness, lust, sexual immorality, adultery, anger, greed, love of money, etc… It is a place of sinners! The fact that Christmas is celebrating Christ the Messiah, the HOLY One, who hates sin! I was really disappointed and grieved. That moment, I remembered the bars I entered before. I was once a drunkard that I almost entered every bar in Baguio. So I know how Satan controls the lives of every bar hopers. Every bar owners never missed to post the greeting, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” They BELIEVE in Jesus Christ, but the problem is, they PERSECUTE Him. While thinking back of my experience in the bad old days, I found myself praying. I was asking God to open the eyes of ALL HUMANITY so that they will understand the real meaning of Christmas.

Did you notice that during CHRISTmas, most of the children are not waiting for our Lord Jesus CHRIST? Children are WAITING for Santa Claus who will give them gifts. Children around the world are being deceived. Even the teens and parents are being deceived by Satan! Satan uses the image of Santa Claus to capture the attention of those who believe in Santa Claus as the one who provides material gifts. Some of the children and parents forget to thank the CREATOR, SOURCE and PROVIDER of everything, rather, they thank Santa Claus. It’s obvious! Satan is using the image of this Saint to keep the people from worshipping the ALMIGHTY God. We should understand the fact that everything on earth was Created because of Christ Jesus. And through Christ, everything was created. Everything is for Christ!

On December 20, 2011, my students kept on greeting me, “Sir, Merry Christmas” Only to find out, they wanted that the exam be re-scheduled to the following year. They added, “Sir, remember, Christmas is about giving.” So I asked them to define Christmas so that I will grant their request. They said, “Of course, the birth of Jesus.” I replied, “Yeah! We celebrate the birth of Jesus! But don’t you know that Christmas is paganistic?” They said, “Well sir, that’s your belief.” They’re Christians! I really wanted to explain to them why I said like that, but something hindered me. It’s a long story.

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