Summary: God desires for us to work alongside Him to accomplish His glorious work on earth.

We continue to learn from the Book of 1 Samuel. We noted that the people of Israel did not want to listen to God and they demanded to have a king. God warned them through the prophet Samuel but they insisted to have a king just like the other nations around them. God's Chosen People did not take their calling seriously; they wanted to be just like everyone else in the world. Can Christians today be like these Israelites who did not take their calling seriously.

Because God is not a controlling God but always has a purpose, God allowed Israel to sin and chose, from the small Tribe of Benjamin, Saul to be king.

God orchestrated the meeting of Saul and Samuel.

We also noted that although Saul stood tall among the Israelites, Saul was a man of small faith in God.

Let us continue to learn from God. Open your Bibles to 1 Samuel 10………….

Read along with me v1-8…..

Let us summarize what happened then note the Biblical Principles we can apply to our lives today.

v1: Samuel affirms Saul’s calling to be king.

In general, what can we note from v2-6? First of all, did you note the details of what would happen in Saul’s future?

1. Through Samuel, God tells Saul specifically what would happen.

Why was this important for Saul to know what will happen??

a. Saul’s faith in God needed to grow stronger!

b. Saul needed guidance!

What else can we note from v2-6?

2. Everything was given and provided for Saul!!

Let’s note briefly what God provided:

God sent messengers to Saul.

God took care of the lost donkeys!

God sent 3 me to bring Saul goats, bread, and wine.

There was a procession of prophets and musicians!

There were more truths told from other people besides Samuel!

In v6 we note that the Spirit of God Himself came to Saul and changed him.

Now, God provided for Saul but did God do everything for Saul??

Even before God gave Saul the Holy Spirit, Saul had to make decisions and do what God instructed. Saul could have refused the oil poured on his head! Saul did not have to go where Samuel told him to go! Saul could have refused the gifts offered to him. Look again at v6….

Saul was told he will be a changed person; Saul could have resisted this change before it happened! You see, Saul had to be a willing participant in order for God’s work to happen in his life.

3. God requires positive response to His instructions. As I have noted in the past, God did not create hum?ans to be like robots; God created people with the power to choose. God gives the honor for people to actively work alongside Him.

God’s glorious work on earth is accomplished with a team; God provides and empowers, willing Believers take action!

But what can we note from v7-8?

Verse 7 is interesting isn’t it? Saul was given freedom to do what he wanted! This reminds me of Psalm 37:4 - Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

v7: There is freedom in life when God is in it!

There is a New Testament verse which relates to this as well, but sadly many misuse it. Philippians 4:13 states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” This verse is not a magic potion to make a SuperChristian; in context, it actually means the opposite; it is not about being a SuperChristian but a Christian who is very content with life because Christ is in that person’s life!

And v8 relates to this as well; Saul was told to go ahead to Gilgal but what else Saul needed to do?? I can’t sit with my computer for one hour without connecting to the Internet! Saul was asked to wait for a whole week!!

v8: Saul was asked to wait and be patient! How is our patience as Christians? Can we actually be still and know our God on a daily basis? How hard is it for us to be still for a moment?

And so, what Biblical Principles can we apply to our lives?

First of all, would you agree with me that there is a biblical Principle regarding Samuel, the man of God, affirming to Saul his calling? God uses godly men and women to guide us in knowing our calling for God. For me, there were many steps; God knows I’m stubborn. I finished college with a Civil and Environmental Engineering Degree but I really did not have an idea of what I’d do for a living. God led me to various jobs, various people who influenced me, and various churches and ministries to learn from.

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