Summary: The annual suffering of the child of God demands a reasonable and satisfying answer.

Delighting In Life’s Disciplines

Text. Hebrews 12:5-13

Introduction. The annual suffering of the Child of God demands a reasonable and satisfying answer. However, it is no easy answer. So often we try to satisfy in the realm of reason when the real answer lies in the realm of faith. These are days of tremendious pressure and people are distressed in their hearts and minds. They ask the age old question, “Why God?Why?” It is virtually essential we receive insight from the Word of God. Our text offers that kind of help. It reveals to us...

I. The Character of Life’s Discipline.

A. Understanding the word ”chastening.”

1. The root meaning reveals that we are in our kindergarten days.

2 The term is applied to children.

3. It is a clear indication that it is for our development.

4. It is the work of a loving heavenly Father.

B. The Weight of Suffering.

1. It is for a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. 2 Corinthians 4:17.

2. We have a “long-sighted” God who knows what is best for us.

3. It is for our future joy and blessing.

We may not see just here and now

With vision clear the way and the how,

Of all that God seems to allow,

But “afterward!”

We may not fully understand,

How underneath God’s chastening hand,

Pain is fulfilled love’s command,

But only afterward.

II. There Are Principles of Child Training Enuncited

A. The three principles:

1. The parent cannot let the child have his or her own way all time. The parent does not desire

to deprive the child of their own way. They must be brought to choose intelligently and wisely. The parent sees those wise choices and is glad for them.

2. The parent, though he may cancel the present choice of the child, the way is clear that the child is trying to please the parent. The child may not be thankful at the moment but will rejoice in the long run.

3. The objective of the parent is that one day the child will be free of restraint because their choosing has been wise and need no further restraint.

4. How much better we are if accept the principles of God dealing with us.

Illus. Samuel Rutherford, after suffering for some time,said, “God is plowing new ground in my life. Let Him plow, He purposeth a crop.”

III. The Channels of God’s Disciplines.

(There are lots of reasons chastening my reach us I mention only a few here)

1. Our Own Mistakes and Sins.

After contemplation we see that we have brought trouble to ourselves. Sad as it

may appear we are guilty in the sight of God. The Lord cannot let it pass for it must be dwelt with. God does so in a caring and loving manner. It is better for God to deal with us than man.

2.The Mistakes and Sins of Others.

This type seems cruel and unjust. It has caused many to be offended in Christ.

What others do may be the will of God. Joseph told his brothers you meant it for evil but God meant it for Good. Genesis 50:20. What others do may bring a smarting effect but to the Christian there is no second cause. We can say with the Psalmists, ”The steps of a good man is ordered of the Lord.” We are to leave the offender in the hands of the Lord.

3. God’s Providential Dealings.

So often it seems so hard to understand. We ask God why? He is under no obligation to give us an answer. He is a soverien God. There are example:

a. John the baptist was cast into prison doing the will of the Lord. He asked why? Jesus answered with signs and miracles.

b. Lazarus was dieing. Jesus waited three days. Why the three days? The delay pointed to far greater experience in the resurrection. Jesus knew what He was doing.

c. In David’s heart was growing passion to express his love and appreciation by building a memorial to the Lord. It never happened but the rebuke was softened when he learns that his son would build the House because he would be a man of peace.

* What should be our response to the chasening of the Lord?

1. We can accept it with resignation.

2. We can accept it with self pity.

3. We can be angry and resentful toward the Lord.

4. We can accept it gracefully as the approiate response we owe a loving Father.

* Taken from Life Application Bible.

Tyndal House Publishing.

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