Summary: A systematic studies of demons:their nature,power,influence and limitations.An essential knowledge for every spirit filled believer who intend to live an over-comers' lifestyle

Satanic invasion is only possible when we give him the opportunity or legal grounds to operate. Satan and his angels are walking about looking for whom he may devour, which means some people cannot be devoured. (I Pet. 5:8, Eph. 4:27).

1. Demonic Family Background: A house or family given to demon worship will open the door for demonic invasion into the life of the innocent children in that family. Apart from this demons can be inherited. There could be intentional demon transfer into the life of the family members.

2. From The Womb: There have been babies who are already under demonic influence even when they are inside the womb.

Because of pregnancy problems or fear, people sometimes dedicate babies to demons before they were born after the order of Jere.1:5 “Before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee”.

3. Attending places of pagan worship: When you attend places where Satan/demon are adored, you may end up going back home with demonic attachments (I Cor. 10:19-20).

4. Sinful Acts/Habits: Sometimes a single act may open the sometimes a single act may open the way to a demon.

The decision of Judas to betray Jesus open the door for Satan (Lk. 22:3).

The spirit of lust can enter when you watch dirty movies

Habitual exaggeration opens that door for lying spirit.

Frequent overeating opens the way for a demon of gluttony.

Persistent daydreaming opens the door for a spirit of fantasy.

Please take note that just as it is written, “wherever there is a dead body, the vultures will flock”, so also wherever sin in found Satan and his demons will concentrate (Matt. 24:28).

5. Emotional Shock: Frightening automobile accident took place right in front of a woman and she was attacked with the spirit of fear that day onward..

An unemployed man may be brooding over his inability to provide for the family. Faultless remarks by the wife may invite a demon of anger or depression.

6. Curses: Curses can result in major demon activity affecting generations.

Curses have several sources

(a) From God himself Gen. 12:3, Deut. 27:15-26.

(b) From godly men acting on God’s behalf Josh. 6:26, I Kg. 16:34.

(c) From persons having authority over us.

In Gen. 31:32 and Gen. 35:16, we see the curse of Jacob on Rachel who died in childbirth.

(d) From Satanic Agents Num. 22:6.

(e) From our own mouth

7. Transference from other people: Demons are transferred to others during sexual intercourse or demonic laying on of hands.

Normally the power flows from the one laying the hands but sometimes it can flow the other way! This is why hands should not be laid indiscriminately.

Just as a man’s spirit can go out to others, so also evil spirits can during laying on of hands (Deut. 33:9).

8. Involvement In Occult

9. Charms and Fetishes in our homes Deut. 7:25,26, Acts 19:17-19

10. Lack of ability to forgive Heb. 12:14-16, Matt.. 18:34-35

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