Summary: There is no uncreated being except God. God has no opposite. The proper question is whether I believe in devils...I Do!

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For Those not familiar with an Anglican Service. There are Four Readings before the Sermon is given. Today's Readings were: 1 Kings 19:1-15; Psalm 22: 18-27; Galatians 3: 23-29 and Luke 8:26-39

A man often walked through the cemetery on his way home from work.

One night, ...... unaware that a new grave had been dug in his path, ..... he tumbled in.

For some time he struggled to get out of the 7 foot hole, ..... but .... finally gave up and settled down for the night.

An hour later, ..... a farmer out possum hunting came walking through the cemetery and he too fell into the grave.

And He too began a desperate attempt to get out,..... unaware that there was anyone else in the grave.

The first man listened to him for a few minutes, then reached over in the pitch darkness ..... laid a hand on his shoulder and said: "You can't get out of the Grave."

But the farmer did. (Long Pause)

To the Jews of that day, .....even to touch a grave .... was to be unclean for 7 days. (Numbers 19:16)

The demoniac of Gerasenes did not just wake up one morning and say: "Hey, ..... I'm demon possessed."

This was not something he was born with.

It was not something that he just came down with ..... like the flu or a cold.

Somewhere in this man's life, ..... he made a conscious decision .... that he wanted to be free.

He wanted to be free ..... of God's influence.

He wanted to be free ....... from life's restrictions and responsibilities.

He wanted to be free....... (Slow) to do what he wanted to do.

And now, as a demoniac,..... he .... become free...

No shackle could bind him, ..... no chain could hold him.

He was no longer bound by social conventions that would tell him .... what to do ..... or how to behave.

He has no responsibilities to society -- and in turn society after a time longer wants him.

He has become .....Free...

But his freedom cost him more than he could have ..... ever imagined. (Long Pause)

While a Gallup poll showed that 9 in 10 Americans still believe in God,

A survey by the Barna Group found that only 43% of Americans believe the devil to be a "living entity,".

Among the educated elite today, ...... talking publicly about one's belief in the existence of a devil ..... and his influence on the culture .... could be social suicide.

The same was no less true in 1947, when Oxford don C.S. Lewis addressed this subject in an interview ..... with Time magazine.

Time reported: "Lewis (like T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden) is one of a growing band of heretics among modern intellectuals: an intellectual who believes in God,"

The Time's story went on: "It is not a mild and vague belief, .... for he (Lewis) accepts 'all the articles of the Christian faith'--which means that he also believes in sin ..... and in the Devil."

When asked about "his belief in the Devil," Lewis addressed the question in a thought-provoking way:

Lewis stated: "Now, if by 'the Devil' you mean a power opposite to God ....and, like God, .....self existent from all eternity, ..... the answer is certainly No."

As Lewis explained, "There is no uncreated being .... except God.

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