3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: The believer demonstrates Chris’t lordship through the persuasion, purpose, persecution and power of obedience.

#17 7-29-07

Demonstrating Christ’s Lordship


1) Late week many of you made a public confession of Christ’s lordship.

2) How are you now demonstrate that you have indeed made Christ you Lord.

Not just by confessing Christ as Lord

Not just by bowing the knee

Not by being religious

But by your obedience!

Text; Philippians 2:12-15

I. Persuasion for Obedience

A. Obeying God to please others

1. “In my presence” They obeyed God while Paul was in their presence

Application: Some people just obey when the Pastor, wife, husband or parent etc. are watching.

2. “In my absence” The Philippian church obeyed God while Paul was not

present. Some Christians do not obey if certain people are not


B. Obeying God unwillingly (2:14)

1. You are to serve God without complaining


When I was younger as a teenager at home I would obey my parents but I would

complain a lot. I obeyed my parent but I didn’t also do so willingly.

2. Arguing with God

C. Obeying God willingly

1. God is always present, He sees all

2. You must obey God with a right spirit. You must want to serve Christ

II. Purpose of Obedience

A. “Work out your salvation”

Amplified Bible, “work out (cultivate), carry out to the goal, and fully complete

your salvation.

1. Doesn’t mean work for your salvation

2. What it means is sanctification, live out the life of obedience as result of your


B. To please the Lord (2:13)

C. To be shinning lights, to be witnesses (2:15)

III. Precaution for Obedience

A. Watch out for yourself

Amplified Bible; “with reverence and awe and trembling (self-distrust, with serious

Caution, tenderness of conscience, watchfulness against temptation, timidity shrinking

From whatever might offend God and discredit the name of Christ”

1. Be ever conscience of your weakness against temptation

2. Never be confident in your owe strength

B. Fear God

1. God is a holy God who will judge sin

2. You need to fear the consequences of sin

IV. Power for Obedience

A. Your part and God’s part

1. Sanctification results in your living a godly, righteous life. It requires

effort and your part. You must fully yield to God and keep close the Him

2. Rely on God’s strength


I present a cordless drill and explain that it represents salvation. I then start drilling a board by turning the drill by hand round and round without turning on the drill. After doing this for a couple of minutes I ask the audience if I’m doing something wrong. They all shout “turn on the drill!” I explain that this is like trying to live out your salvation without God’s strength. It can not be done in your own strength. I then plug in the battery pack and then I can easily drill the hole though the board. I go on to explain that many Christians have the power of God in their lives to live a holy life but do not fully commit themselves to God. It is like not fully plugging in the battery pack. If it is not fully plugged in you will not have any power.

B. God work in us (1:6) read verse

1. To will – God gives you the desire to obey

2. To do – God enables you to obey

How are you demonstrating Christ’s Lordship in your life?

Do you just make an empty confession

Do you just put on a show pretending to serve Christ?

Or are you surrendering your life to fully obey Christ?

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