6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Psalm 126:1-6 is a very interesting and captivating passage.

Psalm 126:1-6 is a very interesting and captivating passage. People interpret it from three different angles. First, some folks view it as prophetic of Israel’s history. No one has known more sorrow than the Jews through the years, but one day that will change. Secondly, others

interpret it as giving a prophecy as to the coming ministry of the Lord

Jesus Christ. If you read the verses very carefully, you can clearly see

it speaking of Jesus also. Last but not least, many see this passage

referring to and describing the Christian worker. Rather than the first

two, I am going to give you the Psalmists description of the Christian

worker. You will be blessed as you see these pertinent things with me.

I. His Prompting For Service-"goeth forth"(v.6a)- The Bible

encourages and commends the right kind of Christian activity. One

reason the early apostles were so successful is this-they were not lazy

and idle. Don’t ever allow your spiritual "get up and go" to suddenly

disappear. We should go forth deliberately, decisively, and

dependently. God must prompt us to divine service.

II. His Passion For Souls-"and weepeth"(6b)- How long has it been

since you wept over a poor, lost soul? Compare Jeremiah 9:1 and

Matthew 9:36. The Bible speaks of compassion making a difference

(Jude 1:22). We should ask God to give us the tears we need to weep

over sinners. Jesus did so as he overlooked the city of Jerusalem. He

would have gathered them as a mother hen would her chicks, but they

would not allow Him to be the Lord of their lives (Luke 13:34).

III. His Planting Of The Seed- "bearing precious seed"(6c)- The

seed we sow is the Word of God. Preachers, teachers, Christian

witnesses are to sow the seed of the Word of God. It is a powerful

Word (Rom.1:16; Heb.4:12)a precious Word (Psm.126:6) and a

productive Word (Dan.12:3). To have a crop the right seed must be sown.

IV. His Plentifulness Of Joy- "with rejoicing" (6d)- There is no

greater joy that to have a part in seeing someone come to the Lord

Jesus Christ for salvation. What wonderful happiness it brings!

V. His Participation In Reward- "bringing his sheaves with him"-

(6e). It is a shame that anyone would go to heaven empty handed, that

is, having no part in the salvation of anyone. You can go to glory

taking others with you. Pray for them and tell them about Jesus!

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