Summary: Barrenness, emptiness, nothingness, unproductiveness, blankness and much more ‘ness’ are not signs of punishment!

Designer clothes of God!

Mathew 27:31”After they had mocked Him, they took the scarlet robe off Him and put His own garments back on Him, and led Him away to crucify Him.”

Barrenness, emptiness, nothingness, unproductiveness, blankness and much more ‘ness’ are not signs of punishment! Let this fact sink in you! We got to at times go through certain ‘stages’ in our life in order to get qualified and worthy to receive what God has designed for us! Are you listening?

We shrink into a shell and feel, ‘what would others think of me?’ What would my colleagues think of me if I don’t get the promotion or increment? What would my relatives think of me if I don’t have a baby? What would my friends think of me if I don’t succeed? What would the world think of me if I get divorced? What? What? What? It doesn’t matter what others think of you? I remember someone ask me, ’why has your ministry not taken off?’ Why is your church building so small?’ These questions certainly bothers us; I did not for several years have a proper mobile or many other things that many pastors have in order to help preach with ease. I remember once asking my husband for a mobile with facilities to download the Bible; I did not get it for a long time. I did not have a proper watch for several years, I once kept preaching nonstop at a church because my watch stopped. It doesn’t matter at all. Are you listening?

You may not have a swanky car, mobile or ipad like your neighbor. It doesn’t matter at all. Your kids may not be as smart as Ratan Tata, it doesn’t matter at all. Your home may not have the modern gadgets like your friend, it doesn’t matter at all. Shame on you, if you lavishly and proudly buy these on installments without waiting for God. The measuring yard for success for the world is ‘BIG!’ Are you with me? God looked at Abraham and promised him, “I will make your name great!’ (Genesis 12:2) Boy! What a promise! Did not God keep His Word? He did bless Abraham hugely! Pause now and give Him a shout of praise, will you? Big, enormous, numerous and large should come from God; however, you got to be ready to pass the stage of ‘nothingness’ as well, like Abraham. Don’t design your own blessings like the world! Hope you understand what I mean. People decide today what kind of nose they want and they rectify it through surgeries, these are man-made. If we have to go through humiliation, delays, and failures, we got to give in and not rebel. Carry the cross.

You know what, God designed something wonderful for Jesus to wear on Good Friday, for you and for me. The ‘designer garment’ was drenched with blood, torn and scattered for you and for me. He endured the nakedness, shame, humiliation, failure, mockery, scoffing, beating and scorching for you and for me. For the world, He looked like a failure but not for God, though. Hallelujah! I feel like screaming and jumping now. Don’t you ever feel you’re a failure if you are childless, jobless, single, divorced, rejected and in financial need. Wear on ‘this’ designer clothes made by God for you! Endure, there are huge lessons on the way, though. Hurray! Cheers my friend!

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