Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series


Introduction: We find much in the actions of Nehemiah that tells us what type of leader he would be in the Kingdom of God. We will see three aspects of his desire to rebuild that will help us in our desire to have effectiveness in the work of the Lord.

I. We see the INTENSITY of Nehemiah's desire (1:4)

A. He was so intense that he wept and mourned.

B. He was so intense that he fasted and prayed.

C. He was so intense that this was not a "one time deal."

II. We see the PERSISTENCE of Nehemiah's desires (1: 5-6)

A. He was appealing to the highest authority known to man (1:5) "I beseech You, O Lord God of heaven"

B. He was so persistent that he refused to quit without

an answer from God (vs 6)

III. We see the FOCUS of Nehemiah's desires (1:7-11)

A. The Prayer was not a selfish one, but a repentant

one (vs 7)

1) Our desires must focus not on our selfishness, but on genuine contrition and genuine repentance.

2) Our desires must focus on God's Word and His


B. Nehemiah's desire was for the glory of God to return to Jerusalem (1:9-11)

1) Our desire must focus on God's glory, not our own (vs 9)

2) Our desire must focus on doing God's work, in God's way (vs 11).

Conclusion: Much can be said about how we desire things in the Kingdom of God, but we must make God's glory and God's Kingdom our chief desire. Only then can we expect the blessing of God on our efforts. Let us examine the motives and desires of our heart and confess any selfishness and pride to HIM. Let us rise up and do HIS WILL!

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