Summary: Part four focuses on the no-computer Christian.

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Desktop Computer Christians Part 4

The No-Computer Christians

Scriptures: John 15:18-19; John 17:14-16; Romans 12:2


This morning I will conclude my series on “Desktop Computer Christians.” Part four of this series is titled “No-Computer Christians.”

As you recall from parts one through three of this series, the primary difference between a desktop computer Christian and the laptop or tablet computer Christian is the laptop/tablet computer Christian’s ability to fulfill the commission that Jesus has called all of us to – to go out and make disciples of all nations. The desktop computer Christians do not make God an active part of their everyday life and keep Him assigned to Sundays and/or other religious services/places. They do not strive to be able to know enough about God’s word as that is something that should be left for those who are actually “called” into ministry work. The laptop and tablet computer Christian has a different perspective on how God interacts with Christians. They believe that God is active on a daily basis with all of His children versus only those called into ministry work. They believe it is their responsibility to not only know God but more important, to represent Him to the world. They are not ashamed of Him and thus do not believe that Christians should only interact with God on Sundays. One of the limitations of the tablet computer Christian as compared to the desktop and laptop computer Christian are the severe, sometimes non-biblical restrictions they place on individuals desiring to be a Christian. Those restrictions which are very similar to how the Pharisees lived during Christ days often causes the converts to not walk in the freedom that Christ gave us. They also cause some “potential” converts to reject Christ all together as they cannot meet the demands and/or imposed restrictions that are required in order to be considered a Christian. Unlike the tablet computer Christian, the no-computer Christians operate without the restrictions of the tablet computer Christian. These Christians generally believe what they have learned about God and but also place importance on what they experience with Him. Their life is about knowledge and experience on a very personal level. Let me share a few facts with you.

I. Benefits of No Computer

In 2005 a computer hardware company did a study and found that 24% of Americans did not own a computer or other cellular device. In 2010 another study confirmed that 30% of Americans do not access the internet either at home or at any other location. They have no desire for a computer or for the vast amount of information that can be accessed from the internet. While this may seem strange to those of us who access the internet daily, for these individuals their lives exist just fine without that need. People without computers and the internet tend to spend more time personally interacting with people versus all of those electronic messages that are so popular now. I believe that some of them would actually find it offensive to receive a personal communication by text message or an email when they are accustomed to that “personal/live” touch. The advantages that we see with electronics are not what they see and in some cases they see them as a great disadvantage.

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