Summary: Breaking down 1 Timothy 4:12, we realize there is a major miscommunication amongst youth today.



1 Timothy 4:12

Part 1 of 3

Joshua Moran



A. Youthfulness

B. Examples


A. Word

B. Love

C. Spirit

D. Faith

E. Purity

A teenager that says there is no God is a fool!

A teenager that acknowledges God without fear has less faith than a de-mon!

A teenager that just shows up to God’s events is just a spectator!

A teenager that says they love God but hate certain people is a liar!

A teenager that does what God says when people are looking but not in pri-vate is a hypocrite!

A teenager who regularly hears the word but does not do it is deceived!

A teenager that can’t bridle their tongue has a useless religion!

A teenager that agrees with everyone is lukewarm!

A teenager who has a pure heart will see God!

A teenager who makes peace is called a son of God!

A teenager persecuted for righteous-ness sake is a part owner of heaven!

A teenager that loves God with all his heart, and all his soul, all his mind, and all his strength fulfills God’s require-ments!

A teenager who loves his neighbor as himself proves he is fulfilling the above!

In a day where we are suffering biblical bankruptcy, I think we are in need of some Teenagers of God!

Why Do Teens Matter

• Teenagers largely define the values and leisure endeavors of our nation

• Our economy is shaped by the choices of teenagers as consumers and em-ployees

• The nature of the family depends on how teenagers prioritize family and approach parenting in the future.

• The future of the Church will be determined by their faith commitments.

Breaking down 1 Timothy 4:12, I realize there is a major miscommunication in youth ministry today. Paul says, “Let no one de-spise your youth…” and most teenagers (who actually read the Bible) take this verse as their pending call to arms. This verse is preached on by youth pastors to say, move forward young people, preach, teach, and spread the gospel and let no one stop you just because you are young. This interpreta-tion is flat out wrong. What I believe the Apostle Paul has communicated is two-fold. First, let’s look at teenagers today. What does the adult world think about teens? Most of us would probably have a negative answer, and why? The reason is that teens have forgotten their place in society, overall teenagers feel as if they are invincible. The consequences for sin have been removed in the average American Family. Teenagers have lost a respect for their elders, and leaders. Calling Adults, by their first name is one example, and we will be trying some-thing here that is necessary-calling our leaders by Mr. Franco or Ms. Carlsen. We will not beat you over the head about it, but remind you every now and then. I would have to say the adult world despises the youth of today, and we need to change that as individuals. I challenge you, do not let anyone despise your youngness. Being young does not excuse you from the expec-tation of living godly lives. Instead, be an example in everything you do, so that no one can give a bad report. That is my para-phrased version, and what I believe Paul is stressing to Timothy, a young pastor. In the next coming weeks we will be discussing the Conduct of a Young Person within this series of teaching. You are called by God to live by the Word and honor your word; to love the unlovable, and to walk in the Spirit. You are expected to make decisions according to the faith you have in Jesus, and to live this life out in purity before God. Just because you are young does not excuse sinful behavior. God is so awesome that He gives you ample opportunity to turn away from temptations and follow Him.

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