Summary: A lot of people are not in the position they are supposed to be in life. The servant has taken over the horses of the princes of God and these princes are now walking like servants.


Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Eccles. 10:7 says, “I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth”.

This scripture says that many are not in the place they are supposed to be. The servant has taken over the horses of the princes and they are walking like servants.

To destine is to determine something beforehand. Destiny is what God has preordained for your future, what He determined that you are coming to earth to do. It is the inner purpose for your life. It is the real reason for breathing. It is a condition fore-ordained by God for you.

In this scripture, we see the one that has been preordained as a prince but he walks like a servant. Destiny is the life God has preordained. It is the purpose of God for your life. It is the plan and programme of God for your life. It is what one is really meant for. It is what you have been called to be and to do. It is why you were born, the expectations of heaven for your life. It is what is written in heavenly records concerning you. It is what God has in mind, the original intention of God before He created you.

Is life all about marriage, education, money and then death? Of course not! There is a regular spiritual accident that takes place and confuses man. There is an evil excellence that sits down behind all these and laughs men to scorn, knowing that men are not where they are supposed to be.

The vulture is a large bird of prey. It does not seize or tear its food. It does not kill other animals. It preys on those who have been killed or those who die naturally. It feeds on dead flesh. It is a bird a lot of people do not want to see. It is ugly. Most part of its head and neck is hairless. Vultures can smell death. There is something planted in them that lets them know when something is about to die. In the war, one of the most ugly things to see is for a warrior who is shot, and is fighting his last breath to live. The vulture waits patiently for the person’s death. They have sharp sight and sharp sense of smell. There are thousands of spiritual vultures waiting to feed, or already feeding, on spiritual destinies. All physical animals have spiritual counterparts.

There are more people living on earth now than we have ever had. Things have changed now. Information goes round faster than it used to. In 1940, there was only one product that was sold worldwide and that was Coca-cola. Now, things have changed and so many things have taken a global view. The vulture that ate up the destiny of Esau was an ordinary bowl of food. The destiny vulture of some people is comfort, and for some, it is lack of patience. For some, this vulture is deception. This is a warning message. Destiny vultures are in operation over mankind. Everything that exists was designed in the mind of God. God is a God of destiny. Everyone has a destiny in God.

I read about a man who had a revelation of heaven. As angels took him about and showed him different buildings. While walking with the angel, a man walked towards them and the angel greeted him respectfully. The man then asked the angel who the man was. The angel said the man was him. That man was the person he was destined to be, but he was currently living a second-class life, receiving second-class miracles and living in a second-class house. A few days later, the man died, never having fulfilled his divine destiny.

We should all pray the prayer of Joseph that the Lord should show us our divine destiny. Although he was in jail from age 17 to 30, he still fulfilled his divine destiny because the Lord had shown him what he was supposed to be.

Prayer Point: O God, show me a vision of my destiny in the name of Jesus.

There is nothing more tragic than to forfeit one’s divine destiny. A bird with a broken wing cannot fly. It is a disaster to forfeit the reason why you came here. There is no one that is exactly like you. Your genes and fingerprints are unique to you. Likewise your destiny. God had a hand in your life before the foundation of the world. When the enemy takes one away from the place of one’s divine destiny, it is a disaster. When Elijah was not in his place of destiny, he prayed and the Lord did not answer; He just asked him what he was doing where he was. God asked him, “Elijah, what are you doing here?” He was in a wrong place. Unless there is a contest, no one can win anything. If you don’t have a destiny to pursue, why are you here? Those who pursue their destiny are already subjects of attacks. When one is not where he is supposed to be, there can be no battle to win.

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