Summary: The right and God glorifying procedure in perfecting our emotion

Doing a series "Working on Emotion" Proverb 23:7

Emotion is so vital to the wellbeing as well as it connect man to His ally. Like a wise man once said it isn't cowardice to surrender to a power greater than you "Emotion"

Theme: Destroying wrong and faulty emotion permanently

Text: Psalms 16:11

What is emotion and why is it so vital to every respond to life?

EMOTION..A concious mental action or response; sense of feeling

It's significant because it brings out what we are at a particular time, place and situation. Emotional reaction is relative base on culture, race, enviroment, traditions etc. Specifically today we will focus on destroying wrong and faulty emotions.

Brethren irrespective of what tamper with your emotion there's no such remedy to admending that cracked or wreck done to you except Jesus, who has paid all the prices on the cross to make you free from everything. Isa 53:3-12

Note being a Christian doesn't exempt you from the reality or storms of life (heartbroken, afflictions, etc, ps 34:19), but in His word in John 16:33, I paraphrase *every order of the world will only amount to momentary happiness and later bring you trouble but in Him lies real peace and full rest*.

How then can my faulty and wreck emotions varnish or be permanently heal??

Ps 16:11, says *In His presence is fullness of joy, and at His right hand pleasures for evermore not sometime*, so if you are going to have healing to that hurt or wound

1. You must dwell in His presence!!Ps 91:1, proverbs 21:31, Dwelling means living, abiding continually, and you can only abide and enjoy His presence when you understand your true purpose in life. Matt 6:33, says your true purpose is attach to seeking Him first, surrendering & making Him first, if God is first and author of your relationship, even if the wrong emerges, He will gives you full joy at the end. Job 19:25, & 42:10. Let me explain this testimony and we call this part 1. *There was a girl who was heartbroken by a guy who promise to marry her, at the day of the wedding he turn her down bringing shame, disgrace , long night of weeping, asking God why her? But as God could have it, someone came across her path and she got marry to him, some day later a war broke and because the one she got marry to was a soldier then, after the war He was promoted, to her greater surprise, on one occassion while leaving with her husband for a ceremony, there was a guy that open her convoy and it was no other person but the one that turn her down* *like a friend of mine wrote don't allow a man with television to robbed you off the man with vision and I concorded and added because the television is physical & temporal, just for a while and the vision is spiritual and can eventually emerge into a heritage* I hereby decree whatever has brought you pain and long night tears, this very morning the Lord will give you double for all your trouble in Jesus' Name. Wipe your tears, for your joy will find you before this year ends in Jesus Name. Ps 30:5

In conclusion philipians 4:6-8, says whatever is good and God glorifying, we should meditate upon them, therefore to control your emotions you should allow the situation to subside before you decide in so doing you will have control over the situation and not be control by it.

*Father I thank you for your loving kindness and care*

*Father pls be merciful to me and hide me under your wings*

*Father pls help me to be anxious for nothing*

*Father pls feed me with your Rhema word*

*Father pls fill me with your spirit and make me a fruit bearer of Him*

*Father help me to forgive as you forgive*

*Father help me to surrender and be totally humble to You*

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