Summary: INTRODUCTION: The dictionary defines “shame as a person or thing that brings disgrace; a feeling of distress caused by consciousness of guilt. The Pastoral Dictionary defines “shame” as a feeling which follows when a person realizes that there has been a


Text: 11 Samuel 9:1-13

INTRODUCTION: The dictionary defines “shame as a person or thing that brings disgrace; a feeling of distress caused by consciousness of guilt. The Pastoral Dictionary defines “shame” as a feeling which follows when a person realizes that there has been a failure to live up to ideal expectation. Sigmund Freud sees shame as the visibility of genitals. Alfred Adler saw shame as linked to any sense of inferiority (My note: no-one can make you feel inferior without your consent). Erik Erikson, saw shame as an identity crisis. He related it to the stage of toilet training, where there is conflict between autonomy versus shame and doubt. Shame is a powerful tool to help a person change his or her ways for the better. Shame can be used therapeutically

In the Bible shame indicates a crushing hurt, which may be physical but is more likely to involve destruction of pride and confidence. The prophets often relate shame as national defeat. Shame can be a condition of disgrace and public distress.

The text today gives us a name to describe a person: Mephiboseth, a name in the Scripture is either a channel of blessing or judgment. A name record some aspect of a person’s birth example Moses: mean “to draw out” (Exodus 2:10). A name sometime express parental reaction, examples: Isaac means-“laughter”; nabal: means “fool”; Ishbosheth: means “man of shame”; and Mephiboseth: means “man who destroys the shame”. Sometimes new names are given to change a person nature or status. A name is very powerful it can either empowered you or condemn you. Come to think of it this is a very beautiful name “a man who destroys shame”, to give you the smiley’s translation the young man is called “confidence” “victory”, “honor”, a national pride”, “ a goal getter”, “a change agent” and a man who will be judged by the standard of men but the standard of God. He believes that he can make difference despite living in Lo-debar. He will not confine himself to the limit people put on him.


Ishbosheth whose name means: man of shame died a sudden death similar to his dad and grandfather in the prime of his life. Mephiboseth whose name means: one who destroys shame was honored by King David to remove the shame.

Mephiboseth would be a candidate suitable for psychiatric care because of his family history. Psychiatric care is the treatment of mental illness to relief symptoms, and restitution to coping adequately with normal demands of life. This entails trying to reduce the risk of suicide, working at improving disturbed relationships, and attempting to correct abnormal patterns of thinking and behavior. An important consequence of depressive illness may cause complete loss of religious faith or even the assurance of salvation; but effective treatment will restore that, praise God.

Why would Mephiboseth be a prime candidate for psychiatric care? Heredity: The answer is he came from a family that suffers from mood disorders. Some of these disorders range from depressive disorders, major depressive disorders, bipolar disorders and suicidal tendency. Abnormal shame is link mood disorders, adjustment disorders, with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct and depressed mood. Furthermore, Mephiboseth might very well be suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder due to the serious accident he had that causes him to be lame in both legs. In addition to that the serious and sudden death of his father and grand-father as well as his brother Ishbosheth could cause some form of an acute stress disorder.

Many people are so ashamed of the church today; they have removed themselves from the body of Christ. They have surrendered their will to pray, they will tell you I am going to watch and see what will happen. They will tell you it does not make sense any more to do any in the church or for the church. People are not interested in destroying the shame because they have become a de-thatch spectators. Many people have simple lost the desire to make a meaningful contribution to the kingdom of God. Some people have even lost their salvation and do not even know it, but are ashamed to admit.

Today we are living in a shameless and guiltless culture, where there is nothing absolutely right or nothing absolutely wrong as long as you can tolerate it. Our culture believes that pleasure is more important than purity. We have substitute Biblical righteousness for political correctness. What God called abomination we call it alternative lifestyles. What we call common law marriage God calls it fornication. What we call an affair God call it adultery or fornication. What God bless we call it curse and what curse we call it bless, God bless the marriage of the male and the female we curse it, and bless the marriage of the male and male or the female and female.

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