Summary: This message is for those who need to be relocated from where the enemy has pushed them. Every man or woman is in a particular position in the spirit realm at every given time. Every man has a location; your location determines your possession.

This message is for those who need to be relocated from where the enemy has pushed them. Every man or woman is in a particular position in the spirit realm at every given time. Every man has a location; your location determines your possession. It is often said that 99 percent of success is based on correct location and the major cause of failure too is as a result of wrong location. Talent alone cannot move a life forward; other things are needed as well. Intelligence alone cannot move your life forward. You can be intelligent but not wise. You can be talented but be an absolute fool.

The problem of Adam was location. After he had eaten the forbidden fruit and God came to see him in the garden, He could not find him in his rightful position. And God began to ask. “Adam, Adam, where are you?” That is, where is your location? So, spiritually, Adam had shifted location despite the fact that he was still in the garden, moving around as usual. So, it is possible for someone to be in a location of wastage.

It is a tragedy for a man to be wasted only because he was wrongly located not because he was supposed to be wasted. Jeremiah 51:1 says, “Thus saith the Lord; Behold, I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in the midst of them that rise up against me, a destroying wind.” Sometimes, the wicked dies, and the righteous is also swept away in the flood that was sent against the wicked. There are many innocent citizens whose lives have been snuffed out by what is known as “Stray bullets.” We see innocent people dying accidentally.

About Babylon God warned: He said He was going to send a destroying wind, which would claim two victims. First, it was going to waste Babylon because God was against Babylon. Secondly, it was going to sweep away those that dwell in the midst of them, that is its inhabitants. The people who were living there were not part of its problem but because they were there at that time, they became victims. These innocent inhabitants would be destroyed as a result of the crossfire between God and Babylon. And we are in a period of crossfire operations now. Beloved, I pray that in this season of battles, you will not be found in the wrong camp, in Jesus’ name. It is not sufficient to be righteous, it is also important that you are not among those who are part of the target to be destroyed. It is good for you to be a righteous person in the right place.

Jonathan the son of Saul entered into a covenant with David. He knew that David was the Lord’s anointed and made a covenant with him to be his everlasting friend; yet Jonathan died fighting on the side of Saul whom God had penciled down for destruction. He was a righteous man in covenant with David, but when the sword came for his father, he was found in the midst of them that rose up against God. So he along with them were swept away by the destroying wind, he was not spared. Nowadays, such destructive wind is blowing all over the place. That is why the scriptures in Psalm 91 has become quite relevant. The shadow of the Almighty is the right place to be always. Anyone who is not there, would be hit by any destroying wind that comes.

Anyone who is not in the rightful position will be a victim of the destruction that takes place. When the angel of destruction was going around Egypt to slay all the Egyptian firstborns any Israeli firstborn that went to play with his Egyptian friend in a location that was not marked with the blood of the lamb would be destroyed. Although he was an Israelite, and probably living a good life, he would be wasted in the destroying wind because he would have been in a wrong location no matter how righteous he was.

It is therefore important to locate your position in the house of God and also in the agenda of the Almighty, because when the crossfire begins and you are not correctly located, you may get into trouble.

It is very sad to know that despite the number of churches we have now and the crowd that troupe into them, a lot of people are still lost right inside the church. Some people inside the church can also be likened to a letter properly enveloped, stamped and posted, but which got lost in transit. They can be compared to the Israelites who left Egypt but got lost in the wilderness – they could not reach the Promised Land. Many are known by God and many are known with God but they do not have God. Many are running the business of God without knowing the God they are running His business. There are plenty who come to church but have really never met the Lord – they have not had an encounter with God therefore they are wrongly positioned. Many are married to church activities and programmes, but do not know the God whom they serve. Many have become what we call “almost there” Christians – they are not really there. They believe that they have to be born again, sanctified and also receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost but have failed to live the right life.

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