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Summary: Guidelines on how to quit your stinking thinking.

Developing A Clean Thought Life

Mat. 5:27-28; Psalm 119:9-15

A child delights in what he has,

a youth delights in what he does, and

an adult delights in what he is.

Introduction: What is wrong with pornography?

A. It is psychological poison.

1. An addiction effect

2. An escalation effect

3. A desensitizing effect

4. An acting out effect

B. It is a social sickness.

C. It is domestically damaging.

D. It is spiritually shattering.

I. Admit your problem and get clean. (Psalm 119:9)

· “Way” - rut, groove, one track mind,

· God will never cleanse an excuse, never cleanse an alibi, but God will always cleanse a sin.

· You can be clean, today - regardless.

· The instrument of cleansing is the Word of God

· John 15:3 - Clean - catharsomose - catharsis.

· 1 John 1:9 - In order to stay clean, you have to first get clean.

II. Affirm your purpose to stay clean. (Psalm 119:10)

· Half hearted religion is an insult to God, and it does no good.

· James 1:8

· James 4:8

· Deut. 4:29

· Daniel 1:8

III. Apply your protection to keep clean. How to use the Bible to stay pure

1. Memorize the Word of God. (Psalm 119:11; Phil 4:8-9)

· We cannot think two thoughts at the same time.

· If we are thinking what we ought to think, we can’t be thinking what we ought not to think.

2. Personalize the Word of God. (Psalm 119:12;

· Is there a lesson to learn?

· Is there a sin to avoid?

· Is there a blessing to avoid?

· Is there a promise to claim?

· Is there a new thought to carry with me?

3. Verbalize the Word of God. (Psalm 119:13; Rev 12:11)

4. Vitalize the Word of God. (Psalm 119:14-16; “rejoice”, “respect”, “delight”

5. Internalize the Word of God. (Psalm 119:15; meditate = ruminate, humming.

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