Summary: 3 Questions most often asked of Creationists: DATES [age of the Earth], DELUGE [global flood?], AND DINOSAURS [where do they fit?]. Part of greater series called "Devilution: Erosion of Mankind". Entire series inc. PowerPoints at website.

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Devilution, Pt. 9—Dates, Deluge, and Dinosaurs

I. Dates…This was the 1st question, next…


God’s Tsunami made this look like a squirt gun!

1. The Bible clearly describes a GLOBAL flood, not merely a LOCAL flood.

2. There is strong HISTORICAL evidence supporting the flood.

Do you know that archeologists have discovered 250 different flood legends from 250 different ancient cultures.

3. There is strong GEOLOGICAL evidence supporting the flood.

• Grand Canyon Mount Ararat, 17,000 feet in the air has produced Marine Fossils.

In the Himalayas, 20,000 feet in the air, marine fossils have been discovered.

4. There is much FOSSIL evidence supporting the flood.

5. Prior to the flood many believe the world was surrounded with a VAPOR canopy.

Dinosaurs (reptiles never stop growing as long as they live. So they lived long, protected from the harmful affects of radiation. Perhaps this is why they grew so big...maybe they are just old lizards!)


1. Dinosaurs lived along with MAN.

a. Yes, dinosaurs did live and they lived at the same time as man.

b. There is more and more evidence to support this. Dinosaur bones have been found along with human bones. And fossilized human foot prints have been found inside fossilized dinosaur foot prints.

c. I believe God created the dinosaurs when he created the earth.

d. I believe Noah took some dinosaurs on the ark with him. (He only had to take two of each kind [about 110] and he could take young, small dinosaurs so they could have a longer reproducing cycle once the ark landed on dry ground)

e. Dinosaurs became extinct long after the flood. There are some written records that would lead us to believe there were a few dinosaurs still living up until rather recent time. In fact some scientist believe there are still some dinosaurs living.

EX. The Catholic Bible has two extra chapters to the book of Daniel, and in one of those chapters it is recorded that Nebuchadnezzar had a dragon in his court at 600 BC. And it is stated the Daniel killed the dragon. (Could this have been a dinosaur still living they captured)

EX. Alexander the Great, in 300 BC claimed that a dragon more than one hundred feet long stuck its head out of a cave in India and hissed at his soldiers. (Could this have been a dinosaur still living?)

NOTE: Remember the term “Dinosaur” which means “big lizard” was not coined until 1831!

2. The Bible describes dinosaur-like creatures...

Job 40:15-24--behemoth

Job 41:1-34--leviathan

a. I believe dinosaurs existed and most of them died in the flood, as did the rest of the animals on earth.

b. But some survived the flood and came off the ark and reproduces and lived with man up until very recent history, when they gradually became extinct for any number of reasons.

Just this week…Fox News:

Villagers digging in China’s rich fossil beds have uncovered the preserved remains of a tiny dinosaur in the belly of a mammal, a startling discovery for scientists who have long believed early mammals couldn’t possibly attack and eat a dinosaur.

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