Summary: Moral Reasons to reject Evolution: It produced RACISM, NAZISM, COMMUNISM, HUMANISM, SEXUAL REVOLUTION. Powerpoint at website.

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3 Reasons to reject evolution:


3 bridges no evolutionist can cross:

Origin of life/fixity of species/2nd law of thermodynamics

Last Sunday we dealt w/ the logical reasons…I appealed to your mind.

No transitional forms!

Tonite we continue and I want to appeal to your heart!

More reasons to reject the theory of evolution:

Moral Reasons

Evolution is immoral, and is responsible for much of the immorality we see around us.

Jesus said, “by their fruits ye shall know them”, speaking of false prophets. Let’s examine the fruits our society has received from this lie we’ve swallowed:

Evolution has produced the fruits of:

a. Racism and Nazism

It all started w/ Darwin. [pics]

Another quote from Darwin…and this one you won’t find in a public school textbook:

“At some future period, not very far distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate the savage races of man, and replace them throughout the world. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider…Even the caucasian and some apes as low as the babboon, instead of now between the negro, or Australian, and the gorilla.”

Did you catch that? That is not a quote from the leader of the Ku Klux Klan! That’s Darwin! I wonder what our black friends would say about that statement?

Darwin was one of the original definitions of “Racist”. He calls black people a lower life form, who have not yet evolved to the point which caucasians have, he says. He infers that they will someday be exterminated.

We referred to Darwin’s book, Origin of Species, last week. How many of you know that is just an abbreviation? The full title to Darwin’s book is:

“The Origin of the Species, or the preservation of the favored races in the struggle for life.”

Should we be surprised that one of Darwin’s biggest fans was Adolf Hitler?

If Darwin is correct and humans are the ultimate product of the brute “survival of the fittest”....Then who is to say that one race is not superior to another race. (This was exactly the line of thinking that led Hitler to be convinced he was of a “superior race” and he could actually breed “super-humans” of Aryan descent)

Imagine you’re Hitler…

The survival of a favored race is only a small step away from the dominion of a favored race! And millions of people have been butchered because of the philosophy of survival of the fittest. Only the best, only the strongest deserve to live.

I want you to know that “red/yellow/black/white…they’re precious in His sight!” “God is no respecter of persons”.

We’ve talked about abortion…how about euthanasia? That’s already taking place in many parts of the world today. It’s just another by-product of the devaluation of life that goes along with evolutionism.

Mussolini believed in evolution…and that nothing sped up the process more among humans than war. Should we be surprised at his involvement in WWII?

I reject evolution for moral reasons, how about you?

It has produced racism and nazism…did you know it has also produced:

b. communism

When Karl Marx, the father of communism, read Darwin’s works, he said it was a turning point in his life. He felt he had now discovered the scientific foundation for communism.

Marx was so enamored w/ Darwin, he offered to dedicated his book on the tenets of communism to Charles Darwin. Darwin’s wife advised him not to accept the “honor.” Even present-day leaders still follow Marx/Darwin and their racist ways.

c. Humanism

Secular humanism is based firmly upon evolution.

The humanist assoc., a few years ago, named Carl Sagan as humanist of the year for his 10 part series on evolution.

The first 2 points of the humanist manifesto deal solely w/ evolution…it is the foundation of humanism!

d. Sexual revolution

Evolution played at least a significant part in bringing this about.

Sir Julian Huxley was the grandson of Thomas Huxley, a colleague of Charles Darwin, he was affectionately referred to as “Darwin’s Bulldog.” He was the head of UNESCO, United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization. Huxley was one of the leading evolutionists of his day in the world.

Huxley said of “Origin of Species”, which, by the way, sold out in one day when it was first printed…

“we all jumped at the book because …” why do you think? Scientific facts revealed? Overwhelming evidence? Compelling and Convincing arguments? … “the idea of God interfered w/ our sexual moraise.”

Is this a convenient philosophy or what?

Are these objective scientists, or great con men?\

You see, if man is the direct and special creation of God, then that means God has a right to lay down rules…some people don’t like that!

God has already said that sex outside of marriage is sin homosexuality/lesbianism/bestiality…so, what can we do…we’ll have to kill God! Find something that the masses will believe that doesn’t have God in it!

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