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Devilution: Erosion of Mankind, PT. 4

Conclusion of “Fairy Tale for Adults”

II Cor. 5:17

3 Reasons to reject evolution:


3 bridges no evolutionist can cross:

Origin of life/fixity of species/2nd law of thermodynamics

Last time we dealt w/ the logical/moral reasons…racism, Nazism, communism, humanism, sexual revolution…I appealed to your mind.

We looked at Darwin, and how his book, Origin of Species, led to the worst morals the world has ever known, and still does today!

Tonite we continue and I want to appeal to your heart!

Spiritual/Theological Reasons

Evolution is the direct opposite of what the Word of God teaches.

Historian H.G. Wells said, “if all animals and man evolved, then there were no first parents, no paradise, no fall. And if there was no fall, then the entire historic fabric of Christianity, the story of the first sin, the reason for the atonement, collapses like a house of cards.”

Rom. 5 talks about the last Adam, Jesus Christ. Why is he the last Adam? Because “as in Adam all die, in Christ shall all be made alive.”

Dishonesty and Deceit of many evolutionists, practicing “Weird Science!”

It is not science, but is in fact a religious, philosophical belief that uses scientific terminology and methods to try to prove that belief.


1. OBSERVATION: One must be able to observe that which is object of investigation.

2. HYPOTHESIS: One formulates a hypothesis and then sets out to verify that hypothesis through testing.

3. TESTING: This is how one’s hypothesis is either verified or discredited, it must be tested in a controlled environment.

4. REPEATABLE RESULTS: To prove your hypothesis is true, you must be able to repeat the results in a controlled environment, so those results can be observed, measured and recorded.

NOTE: The thing I want you see is that the theory of evolution does not pass three of the four basic ingredients of the “Scientific Method.”

Can evolution be observed?......Answer: “NO!” (“Were you there?”)

Can evolution be tested?.......Answer: “NO!” (You can not test evolution.)

Can evolution be proven by repeatable results....Answer: “NO!” (You obviously can’t repeat what you can not even produce the first time.)

The point is: evolution is a philosophy or a religion, not a pure science.

You see the truth is, evolutionists do not begin with the evidence and then move toward a conclusion.... They begin with a conclusion and then look for evidence to support the conclusion, and all too often they are even willing to twist and distort the facts related to the evidence to make it fit their pre-existing conclusion.

Ex. Some evolutionists have even been so hard pressed to find evidence to support their predisposed bias and belief system, that they have been perfectly willing to actually fabricate false evidence to prove their already existing conclusions.

What about Nebraska man?

Scopes/Monkey trial of 1925, they were arguing whether evolution should be taught in the public schools. The highlight of the trial was when the lawyers actually put each other on the stand and went at each other.

Clarence Darrow was the lawyer defending evolution. He was a brilliant man. At one point in the trial when he was looking particularly weak and defenseless in his case, he pulled out a cigar and began smoking it. He had secretely inserted a wire into the cigar previously so that the ashes wouldn’t fall. The jury was so preoccupied w/ the cigar, waiting for the ash to fall, that they didn’t hear a word the opposition said!

He said to the other attorney, Wm. Jennings Bryan, “did you know that a race of ape men lived a million years ago in your home state of Nebraska? Bryan said, “no I didn’t and I don’t believe it either”.

They brought in a leading paleontologist who said, “we have evidence that a race of ape men did in fact live in Nebraska a million years ago.”

Of course, this made the front page of newspapers across the globe. Naturally, the media began requesting, then demanding to see the evidence, and when the evidence was finally revealed…

…it was a tooth…one tooth! And from it they were able to “extrapolate” a jaw, then a skull, and an entire frame! From there they put a club on his shoulder, drew him sitting beside a campfire saying “ugh!”

In the same layer of soil, not far away, not long after, was excavated a 2nd tooth, identical to the first…only this one was attached to a jaw/skull/skeleton of a pig! An extinct pig, to be precise.

So, the scientists made a man out of a pig, and the pig made a monkey out of the scientist! Do I believe in Nebraska man? In a pig’s eye!

Neanderthal Man?

What about the Neanderthal man, oh, he is still in textbooks right now used in our county. See, man walks on two legs, apes walk on four, the Neanderthal skeleton they found was bent over and he said wow look at this he is bent over, he is slowly evolving, he is coming up! No, they proved 50 years ago it was an old man with arthritis. He is slowly going down, he is not coming up at all! But, guess what? The Neanderthal man is still in textbooks right now. Proven wrong 50 years ago. Why do we have to keep false information in the textbooks?

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