Summary: The problems w/ RadioMetric and Carbon 14 Dating, and answering how distant starlight can be seen from the "young Earth". Powerpoint at website.

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I. DATES… (conclusion)

(1) Standard methods of age DATING.

There are two primary methods of age dating being used today...they are:




• This method tests volcanic material measuring the amount of radio active decay

• This method is extremely inaccurate. In fact some moon rocks brought from Apollo 11 dated more than 18 billion years old by this method, and that blew the evolutionists mind. That’s older than they said it could possibly be. That really blew Hubble’s mathematics which placed the Big-Bang about 18 to 20 billion years ago and the earth at 4 or 5 billion.

• In fact, to make the rocks fit the age they thought they should be they melted out all the lead, and then they dated at 3.5 billion years which they said was acceptable.

Hmmm...“If the it doesn’t fit the dating system, then what can we do to this rock to make it appear to be the right date to fit our theory of the age of the moon?”


• Carbon 14 dates things that used to be alive. You see, when you die, you stop taking in Carbon 14, so the more you have in your system the younger you are, and the less you have in your system the older you are, supposedly.

• According to Science, vol. 130, “living mollusks were dated at 2,300 years old using Carbon 14.

• According to Nature Magazine, vol.22, March 7, 1970, “Organic material from a castle mortar dated 7,370 years old even though the castle was known to be 787 years old.

• According to The Antarctic Journal Of The United States, Vol. 6, 1971, “Freshly killed seals dated 1,300 years old. And mummified seals that were known to have been dead for 30 years were dated at 4,600 years.

• You see, two things distort Carbon 14 dating....

(1) Water (global flood messes up the whole equation.)

(2) Weakening Radiation Field Of The Earth.


(2) The distance of STAR LIGHT coming to earth from extreme regions of the universe.

• Part of Einstein’s theory of relativity involved the constant speed of light. In fact this is what made his theory possible. “Time is relative, and the speed of light is constant.”

• So if we know the speed of light is constant at 186k miles per second, then we can use that constant to measure the distance light has traveled from other galaxies and stars in the universe as it arrives at earth. So astronomers measure the universe using the speed of light and trigonometry equations.

• So when you read in a journal or paper that a certain galaxy cluster is 4.5 billion light years you just accept that statement without questioning it? Be careful before you do, because if that galaxy cluster is 4.5 billion years away and the light radiating from it has reached the earth so we can see it...Then that means the universe must be at least 4.5 billion years old.

• Let me give you 4 possible solutions to this apparent problem for the young earth people...

(a) God created the light beams at the same time he created the light source (stars) and so both were put in place simultaneously (In fact, I believe God created the light beams before He created the luminaries. Genesis 1 describes God creating light and separating the light from the darkness on day one. But he does not create the sun moon and stars until day 4).

NOTE: Understand, if this is how God did it, then the light beams would give the “appearance” of age, but in fact would not be that old, just as the first man had the appearance of age without being old.

(b) A second possible answer is that the distance to these remote stars has not been calculated correctly.

• It is known by all astronomers that once you get out of our solar system it is very difficult to measure distances accurately.

• Two different mathematical formulas can be used, depending on an assumption you have to make about space...

1. EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRY...assumes space is

flat, and is the standard measurement used, projecting great distances .

2. Riemannian Geometry...assumes space is curved,

projecting distances between planets to be much

closer. Using Riemannian geometry, the light

from the most distant known stars could travel to

earth in just over 15 years.

NOTE: It should be noted that scientist do not know whether space is flat or curved in outer space. So either method of geometrical equating is based on assumptions.

(c) A third possible answer is the light may have taken a “Short-cut” through space. “Wormhole”, etc.???

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