Summary: Sometimes our churches need to be reminded of our purpose.


PSALM 103:2


1. Just like many other people, I seem to always forget to do

things, or I forget where I put something.

a. An excellent example of this is the fact that I lose

my Bible almost every week and forget where I sat it


2. One of my enjoyments of life is watching sports.

a. I really enjoy basketball and football, but I will also

watch tennis, baseball, golf, etc...

b. Although I enjoy watching these, I really don’t "pay

attention" to what is happening until the last quarter

or the last couple of minutes of the game.

c. Why is that?

1. The reason is simple, it is because no matter

what happens during the game, my main

concern is the outcome; who is going to win?

2. The unfortunate part of that is many times I

hear about great plays and things that

happened by other people that I missed out on.

3. With Revival Services starting Wednesday, we are in

essence in the last quarter.

a. Big Deal! Right?

b. I’m sure we will have many more opportunities and

many more Revival Services.

c. Or will we?

4. I believe we are already seeing Revival begin, but will it


a. If it is to last this time, why has it not in the past?

5. About 2 months ago on a Wednesday night, everyone

broke into groups to pray and Tharon came up and asked

if he could pray with me.

a. I was very touched that my son wanted to come pray

with me, so while I dried my eyes a little bit, I asked

him to pray first.

b. Now remember at 7 years old sometimes we hear

things and repeat them a little different from what

they are.

c. Let me share with you a portion of his prayer.

6. "Dear God, thank you for loving the world so much that

You sent Your only forgotten Son to die for us on the


7. We all know, including Tharon now, that the verse says

"His only begotten Son"; but this really made me stop and


a. We wonder why we don’t see a spiritual awakening

or even a spiritual awareness not just in our world

but even in our churches today?

b. It is because we generally live our lives in a way that

has forgotten who we are as Christians, Who we

serve as Christians, and why we serve Him.

c. Let’s look at some Biblical examples of churches this morning that have forgotten some things and the solution that God has for us to start fresh.

I. Forgotten Love Revelation 2:4-5

A. The Problem (vs.4).

1. This was an active church.

a. It had not went off into heresy.

b. It had not brought disgrace to the name of Christ through immorality.

c. So what did they do?

2. The spirit of love had evaporated out of people’s hearts.

a. The church services became an empty show.

b. We can have the best building, the best music,

perfectly planned services; but if it is not all

done in love for Christ, it means nothing and

God is displeased.

3. The people of this church had lost their first love.

a. They were going through the motions out of

obligation, not out of love for God.

b. Why are you here?

c. Why do you want to see revival?

B. The Solution (vs.5).

1. Remember.

a. Remember how you loved Jesus when you first

met Him.

b. Now stop and compare that to now.

c. What makes a Christian work for Christ?

1. Love.

2. Remember when you enjoyed serving


2. Repent.

a. Do you see a gap in how you live now versus

how you used to live for Christ.

b. To get back to the first love, you must repent

and put your focus back on Jesus Christ.

c. When we are living in unconfessed sin, we will

see a gap in our relationship with God, but He

is not the One that caused that, we are.

C. If We Refuse? (vs.5).

1. He will come quickly and remove their candlestick.

2. We are to be a lighthouse, but if we refuse to do that,

God will get us out of the way.

3. Do we need to be removed?

II. Forgotten Teachings Revelation 2:14-16

A. The Problem (vs.14-15)

1. Compromise.

a. This church was tolerating immorality,

idolatry, and heresies.

b. In essence they allowed the world to lead them.

2. Balamism today is worldliness.

3. Nicolaitanes means "to rule" and "the people".

a. Evidently their were some in the church that

had their own agenda.

b. The only agenda we better have is the one

given to us by God.

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