Summary: Prayer is the doorway to a deeper relationship with God. Paul’s prayer here is a model of digging deeper towards intimacy with God.

I. Pray Seeking Insight (17-18a)

A. Spirit of Wisdom

1. Attitude, disposition, or mindset

2. Wisdom is insight into the true

nature of things

B. Spirit of Revelation

1. Same as 1 above

2. Revelation is to reveal or unveil

3. (A & B) A mind-set of wisdom

when it comes to an unfolding of

the truth

C. Enlightenment – Result of above

II. Pray Seeking Intimacy (18b)

A. Hope of His Calling

B. Height of our Standing

1. His riches

2. His glory

III. Pray Seeking Increased Dependence (19-23)

A. His Power in Us

1. Resurrection Power

2. Exaltation Power (Authority)

B. His Power over Us

1. The Church

2. His body

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