Summary: The Dinosaur Question. - The Bible refers to many common animals that we know today. What is interesting is that it has three animals that we no longer recognize. The Dragon, Behemoth & Leviathan

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Dinosaurs & Bible


- ’Intelligent design’ trial in fourth week -

- Intelligent design is being promoted in schools across more than 20 states in the US.

> Barna public schools should teach creationism (54% vs. 36%).

>(59%) favor teaching creationism while(38%) do not want it added to the public school curriculum content.

> The Pew Forum Survey 78% say God created life on earth

+ Evolution Keep Dinosaurs in Past

>US News & World Report 6/7/93

The Dinosaur Hunter

By William F. Allman

ON A GRAY DAY MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO, A HUGE HERD OF duckbill dinosaurs undulated like a vast green and brown oil slick across the grassless, fern-covered plain. The sound of low grunts accompanied the thunder of their footsteps, while nearby, groups of small, pack-hunting predators lurked among the stands of palms, hoping to catch one of the 25-foot-long creatures off guard. The air was spotted with volcanic plumes from the newly arisen Rocky Mountains to the west; far to the east lay a shallow sea where pterodactyls swirled and dived along a coastline lush with vegetation. Suddenly, one of the nearby volcanos exploded in a burst of hot ash and fire. Although the panicked duckbills tried to flee, they were caught in the deadly gas and ash and entombed for eternity.

Or, at least, until Jack Horner dug them up 75 million years later.

> Time Cover Apr. 26, 1993

A cool and misty dawn, circa 78 million B.C. A lone triceratops interrupts a leisurely meal of ferns and twigs to glance around uneasily. Though the 11-ton creature is an intellectual lightweight, it senses the danger lurking in the surrounding forest. Suddenly, out from behind a tree lumbers one of the largest and fiercest carnivores that have ever lived: Tyrannosaurus rex.

+ "So far scientists have named and classified more than 1 1/2 million animals. Over half of these are types of insects and other species are discovered each year. Scientists believe there may be from 2 million to as many as 50 million kinds of animals alive today.""Animal." World Book Encyclopedia. 16 vols. Chicago: World Book, 2003

>The Bible refers to many the common animals we know today. The list includes lions, wolves, bears, sheep, cattle and dogs along with various kinds of birds, rodents, reptiles, and insects. What is interesting is that this extensive list includes three animals that we no longer recognize.

> 700 Different Kinds of Dinosaurs

+Strange Animals

> Dragon - 1400 BCE – Dinosaur 1841 CE

> Behemoth 1400 BCE – Brachiosaurus 1903 CE

Job 40:15-24

> Leviathan 1400 BCE – Kronosaurs 1901 CE

+ Dinosaur Questions

> Greek deinos ‘terrible’ + sauros ‘lizard’

> Terrible Lizard

>Word Dinosaur Not Found In the Bible

>“Dinosaur” was first invented in 1841?

- British Palaeontologist Sir Richard Owen

+ Dragon


- Dinosaurs were probably called “dragons” before that time.

+ Dragons are described at least 21 times in the Old Testament alone.


> First mentioned in Gen 1:21

> 21 And God created great whales,(dragons) and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.




> Ezk 29:3

+ Many reputable history books list detailed physical descriptions of creatures whose anatomy match the great dinosaurs.

- History books are filled with mans encounters with dragons.

Saint George & the Dragon (ca 275/280

The tale begins with a dragon making its nest at the spring which provides a city-state with water. Consequently, the citizens had to temporarily remove the dragon from its nest in order to collect water. To do so, they offered the dragon a daily human sacrifice. The victim of the day was chosen by drawing lots. Eventually the "winner" of this lottery happened to be the local princess. The local Monarch is occasionally depicted begging for her life with no result. She is offered to the dragon but at this point a travelling George arrives. He faces the dragon, slays it and saves the princess. The grateful citizens then abandon their ancestral Paganism and convert to Christianity

- A dragon which looks like the dinosaur we know today as the "Baryonyx".

- Both Chinese and Japanese cultures were greatly influenced by the presence of these dragons.

+ But Really Fire breathing Dragons?


> Electric eels produce voltages up to 600 volts on demand.


> Threemile Canyon Farms Ore.

> Power from Methane

+ - Why be amazed of fire breathing dragons?

> Pix

> John MacArthur - Bombardier beetle has two chemicals in his little body which mix perfectly and at the right moment combine outside his body when they’re fired and they intersect, A boiling hot, toxic fluid that lets off a loud bang on detonation. they explode in the face of the enemy. That’s why they’re called bombardier beetles. However, the two chemicals that create an explosion outside the body never combine prematurely to blow up the beetle.

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