Summary: What time is it in a spiritual sense ? This sermon looks at what year, month,dat and hour it is.


Read 1 Chron 12:32 and Ephesians 5:17-18. We are to discern the times we are living in. If we do that rightly it will effect the way we live our lives. We will be like a housekeeper that works diligently keeping the house in order as we expect the master’s return very soon.

The Bible shows us what year, month, day and hour it is in a spiritual sense and knowing them will awaken us to do His will...

(2) What Time Is It ?

(i) What Year is It ? - Isaiah 61:2

It is the year of the Lord’s FAVOUR! Many Christian’s are not living and ministering in the Lord’s favour. It’s like George Wilson who , in 1830, was offered a Presidential pardon by Jefferson but turned it down. He was consequently hanged because the court decided that the piece of paper with his signed pardon was worthless without the agreement of the one to be pardoned. We have a signed document, the Bible, declaring we are free from condemnation and can live in the Lord’s favour, but we must believe in it and act in that belief.

Are you living in the Lord’s favour - ministering in His grace ? Or are you living under a weight of condemnation and guilt. Jesus has declared NOW are the year of His favour - let’s enter into it!

(ii) What Month is it ? - John 4:35

It is the month of HARVEST! The disciples were procrastinating as if a harvest of souls would come later. Jesus shows the time is NOW. We are in the generation of harvest but must lift up our eyes to see it, for the fields are white unto harvest. If our eyes are downcast all we see is the dust of the earth (earthly concerns) or ourself! (selfish desires).

Someone I know had a vision of a great house full of gifts but only a few children to open them. Consequently many gifts remained unopened. The gifts had ’Forgiveness and Salvation’ written on them. Initially the person who saw the vision thought there were too many gifts, but the Lord said, "No! There are too few children".

With that the door opened an in came Jesus holding a certificate which he gave to him. On the certificate were the words ’Authority to Grant Adoption’. Suddenly he realized the Jesus was saying now is the time to act on the authority He has given us to bring in many Children into the Father’s house so they can open their gifts of forgiveness and salvation! The harvest is now! Are you rising up with the authority Jesus has given you to grant adoption to many ? Rise now!

(iii) What Day is It ? - 2 Peter 3:8-12

According to this passage of Scripture it is the Day of Preparation for the Master’s return! Are we living a Christian life that is prepared for His coming again ?

Once a farmer was interviewing prospective workers. The farmer liked one young man especially as he seemed very joyful and able. He asked the man ’What makes you think you can have the job ?’. The man answered, ’I can sleep when the wind blows!’. The farmer thought his answer very strange but liked the man so he employed him.

Not long after employing this young man a violent storm came in the night over the farm. The farmer woke up and ran outside afraid of the damage there would be to his barns and stables if the doors were not closed properly or to his animals if they were not tied up properly! To his amazement he found everything in order and there was no damage. He found the young man sleeping peacefully on a pile of hay in the barn. Then he understood what he had meant when he said, "I can sleep when the wind blows." He was fully prepared when the storms came and even when his master came to check on him! He was not put to shame.

Also this is the DAY OF VISITATION (1 Peter 2:12) - where the Lord is visiting His people with revival - let’s not miss out but allow His Spirit to prepare us for He is coming soon. Are you ready for this ? Will you be ashamed or can you ’sleep when the wind blows’ ?

(iv) What hour is it ? - Matthew 24:44

According to this passage it is the hour of WATCHING (See John 4:24; Revelation 3:10). We are in the hour of watching for His return - we know not what hour it will be but we do know some of the signs. Israel has been reborn as a nation again, the wars and rumours of wars and natural disasters escalating show us the time for the revelation of the Antichrist is soon. When the Temple is rebuit in Jerusalem we will know Jesus is coming back very, very soon.

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