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(1). Decision (verse 57-58):

(2). Delay (verses 59-61)

(3). Determination (verse 61-62)



• On a wall near the main entrance to the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas,

• Is a portrait with the following inscription:

• "James Butler Bonham--no picture of him exists.

• This portrait is of his nephew, Major James Bonham, deceased,

• Who greatly resembled his uncle.

• It is placed here by the family that people may know the appearance of the man

• Who died for freedom."

• No literal portrait of Jesus exists either.

• But the likeness of Jesus the Son needs to be seen in each one of us!

• A disciple is one who follows, embraces, copies, reflects;

• And acts like their master.


• The New Testament word used for “disciple” is the Greek word ‘mathetes’;

• And it means ‘learner’.

• In other words, disciples are people who LEARN to be like Jesus in character;

• And learn to behave like Jesus in their conduct.

• Quote:

• “It's been said, 'A student learns what his teacher knows,

• But a disciple becomes what his master is.”


• When Wycliffe Bible translator Doug Meland and his wife;

• Moved into a village of Brazil's Fulnio Indians,

• He was referred to simply as "the white man".

• The term was by no means complimentary,

• Since other white men had exploited them, burned their homes,

• And robbed them of their lands.

• But after the Melands learned the Fulnio language;

• And began to help the people with medicine and in other ways,

• They began calling Doug "the respectable white man".

• When the Melands began adopting the customs of the people,

• The Fulnio gave them greater acceptance and spoke of Doug as "the white Indian".

• Then one day, as Doug was washing the dirty, bloodcaked foot of an injured Fulnio boy,

• He overheard a bystander say to another:

• "Whoever heard of a white man washing an Indian's foot before?

• Certainly this man is from God!"

• From that day on, whenever Doug would go into an Indian home,

• It would be announced: "Here comes the man God sent us."


• One great writer on discipleship put it this way:

• “Discipleship is the process of becoming who Jesus would be if he were you”.

• Doug Meland and his wife were genuine disciples;

• Because the acted and became like Jesus to those Fulnio Indians,

• Being a disciple encompasses more than just asking Christ into our lives,

• And goes far beyond baptism and Church membership.

• These events are simply the beginning of our new life in Christ and not the end.

• We are saved to know God, to enjoy God and to serve God daily!

• And by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus day by day.


• There is an urgency about these verses in Luke chapter 9:

• Jesus is constantly on the move;

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