Summary: During this difficult "shelter-in-place" time, we have had hopes, dreams, plans, anticipations but mostly disappoints. During this global pandemic, the most common thing we have in common is DISAPPOINTMENTS. But disappointments do not have to lead to DISCOURAGEMENT.

During this difficult “shelter-in-place” time, perhaps we had hopes, dreams, plans

anticipations but surely disappointments.

We had hoped to have a Sunrise Service at the cemetery.

We had hoped to have a special Easter service at the church.

We had hoped to have our family together for an Easter meal.

We had hoped to host an Easter Egg hunt for the children – grand - great

We had hoped to see our granddaughter Carly graduate from NC State in May

I’m sure all of us had hoped to attend birthday parties, weddings, funerals

We had hoped….. We had hoped….. But…..

Maybe we are disappointed by the times we are in and things we miss.

But we don’t have to be discouraged.

During this global pandemic, there is a lot we have in common:

The most common of these things is – DISAPPOINTMENTS.

In this life, DISAPPOINTMENTS are inevitable.

But our disappointments do not have to lead to DISCOURAGEMENT.

Luke 24:13-35 – Summarize this story

In this story, Jesus appears to two of his disciples

on the road between Jerusalem and Emmaus.

These two individuals who meet with Jesus in this scene

are not from the inner circle of 12 disciples,

but probably members of the outer circle of disciples.

Emmaus is said to be “threescore furlong” from Jerusalem.

A single furlong is a distance of one eighth of a mile, some 660 feet.

So “threescore (60) furlong” would be 39,600 feet or 7.5 miles.

Definitely a walkable distance.

This newly founded suburb of Jerusalem was called Colonia by the Romans

and was mostly inhabited by discharged Roman soldiers.

As these two believers were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus,

they are talking between themselves as to all the events of recent days.

Verse 21, “but we had trusted that it had been He…..”

They had hoped, they had anticipated ….. but they were disappointed

Remember, they knew of the crucifixion and burial ….. but nothing else.

However, we know that Jesus had just resurrected that same day.

He had appeared to Mary Magdalene (Mark 10)

He had appeared to some other unnamed ladies (Matthew 28)

He had appeared to 10 of the disciples (less Thomas & Judas)

Now Jesus appears to these two disappointed and discouraged disciples.

Jesus could have appeared in many other exciting places!

Wouldn’t it have been fun to drop by Pilate’s palace for a few minutes?

Wouldn’t it have been wild to show up at Caliphas’ house unannounced?

How about a visit to the Sanhedrin?

Maybe even show up at the Roman guards’ barracks– just for a few laughs?

But He left the Roman rulers and the Religious leaders alone ….. !

Instead, Jesus decided to drop in on these two disciples

These two disciples that had given up and were heading back home.

These two disciples who were dejected, disappointed and discouraged.

Verse 17

As Jesus joins Himself to these two disciples,

He questions why their conversation is so gloomy, mournful, and angry.

God never asks question in order to get information (omniscience).

He is asking so that WE can answer HIS questions.

In Verse 16 we see that they didn’t recognize Jesus –

He had hid Himself from their eyes.

These two dejected, disappointed and discouraged disciples

couldn’t believe that someone coming from Jerusalem

didn’t know of the events concerning Jesus of Nazareth.

So they began a review, for this stranger,

of the things concerning Jesus’ mighty miracles,

of the trial leading to Jesus’ condemnation and crucifixion.

They also related how that some of the women among the disciples

had gone to the sepulcher and found it empty

and they claimed to have seen a vision of angels

who said that Jesus was risen from the dead.

Other of the disciples had confirmed that the sepulcher was indeed empty.

(John & Peter)

Verse 21

“But we trusted that it had been He which should have redeemed Israel”

“But we trusted” – but we had expected – but we had hoped ……..

These two dejected, disappointed, and discouraged disciples were in need:

and what does Jesus do?

FIRST Jesus shows up with His presence.

(V15) Jesus is not scared of our grief,

Jesus is familiar with disappointment,

Jesus is acquainted with pain.

Jesus’ presence brings Peace, Calmness, and Satisfaction.

We don’t have to go thru this C-19 trial alone – He is with us.

SECOND Jesus opens up their minds with/in His Word.

(V27) Yes, Jesus is alive – and they are now witnesses of that fact.

But also – They need to understand that it is so

because God’s Word said it would be so.

(Prophecies & Jesus’ Words)

We need to get our eyes off of our agenda,

our expectations, our hopes, our dreams, even our disappointments.

We need to get our eyes onto God’s agenda (we get it from God’s Word).

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