Summary: Part 14 of this series reveals the covenant God makes with Abram promising to give him more heirs than there are stars in the sky. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are counted among this group of heirs!

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Discovering Genesis, Part 14

Genesis 15:1-6

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- Last week, we examined the rebellion in the people of Babel

- This rebellion was led by their opinion that they were equal with God

-- It was their attitude that revealed this; making a name for “themselves”

- Christians are commanded to make much of Jesus; not ourselves

- Also, we looked at the calling of Abram and his response to God

- Abram took all he had and left; it is the same call we get from Jesus

-- Matthew 4:19, “Come, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

- Just as Abram is challenged to enlarge his tent stakes, so are we:

-- Isaiah 54:2, “"Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.”

- This morning … we are going to set up the transformation of Abram

- But, we are also going to examine THE greatest moment in life

- It is better than the moment that you get the new job, or the promotion

- It is better than finding out on the local news that you’ve won the lottery

- It is better than the moment when you find the love of your life

- It is better than seeing your children born, grow up, and marry others

- What we are going to examine this morning is better than all of those combined

- It is the moment that God forgives your sin; and you become His … forever

- Go with me to Genesis, Chapter 15

- Stand and Read Genesis 15:1-6

- Pray

Point 1 – Trusting in God (1-3)

- “After this” – part of the story that we didn’t examine; reader’s digest version:

- Ch 13: Abram returns out of Egypt with great riches. (1-4)

-- Strife between the herdsmen of Abram and Lot. Abram gives Lot his choice of the country. (5-9)

-- Lot chooses to dwell at Sodom. (10-13)

-- God renews his promise to Abram, who removes to Hebron. (14-18)

- Ch 14: The battle of the kings, Lot is taken prisoner. (1-12)

-- Abram rescues Lot. (13-16)

-- Melchizedek blesses Abram. (17-20)

-- Abram restores the spoil. (21-24)

- So, after all of this had happened, Abram is having a dream and God appears

-- Note the first thing God does – He comforts; speaks of not being afraid

-- For you and I, this is critical … if Abram can receive this news, can’t we?

-- I am here to tell you that God appears and brings no fear to the righteous

- “Do not be afraid” is repeated throughout the Bible as God appears to others

- Even Mary was given this encouragement before conception

- It is comfort that the Lord brings in tough times; it is who He is

- God assured Abram of safety and happiness; that he’ll be safe forever

- But, God brings Abram news that is about to test his faithfulness to Him

- VERY IMP: Understanding the covenant here that God reveals is critical

- But, Abram has some serious doubts and questions God about them

-- Abram's complaint is, that he had no child; that he was never likely to have any; -- His desire to have a son was a great trouble for him; but he had none

-- Because he didn’t have a son he had no comfort; his doubt level was high

- It is a legitimate complaint here; but it reveals a lack of faith

-- Abram is not whining here; but he is stuck in a two dimensional view

-- God promises that he will have heirs; he has no kids; so the math is off …

- What Abram does not see is the possibilities of God; He is without limits

- This is the situation we often get ourselves into as well; we lack the vision

- Sometimes it is the larger picture we miss because of the situation

- EX: Think of a troubling situation that you may be having right now

-- Sometimes it feels like there is no way out; no possible way you can see

-- And something changes where solutions become visible; and relief happens

- IMP: Let me tell you though, that this is not a hocus pocus time of thing

-- The comfort that God brings can only be found in those who earnestly seek Him

-- If you will earnestly seek Him esp. for salvation and forgiveness; He’ll rescue

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