Summary: Part 4 of this series examines the remainder of the story of the fall of mankind, calling specific attention to God's design for the future as well as the plan of redemption first being introduced to us. (Ref: Genesis 3:6-24)

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Discovering Genesis, Part 4

Genesis 3:6-24


The Garden Map

- At our core, at our very molecular level, we were created to worship God

- APP: Worship is not just our praise but also our obedience (critical point here)

-- We must obey the God we serve; in everything; else we are not worshiping

-- It’s more than singing a few songs and listening to a sermon and giving

-- It’s more than showing up once a week and calling ourselves Christians

- Rev 4:11 says, “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”

- This morning, we began with the “what” (cause); tonight is the “so what” (effect)

- We discussed that the serpent caused doubt only by asking a question

- And then what he does is deny the Word; whispering in our ear choices to make

- This is where we find ourselves; choosing to worship God in everything or not

- Genesis allows us to examine our lives at the very core

- Read Genesis 3:6-24

- Pray

Point 1 - Man and Woman Disobey God (v6-13)

- What we must see here is the appeal that Satan used to offer the fruit option

-- Satan says that “the tree is good for food”; agreeing with the rebellion in man

- APP: This is where we see the Spirit at work within us; drawing us to God

- Matt 4, Mark 1, and Luke 4 all discuss the choices Jesus was presented with

-- It shows that Christ’s righteousness is earned; b/c He was faithful to the Father

-- We on the other hand, run into trouble when we think about the choices

-- APP: Jesus answered quickly (It is written …); and that settles it for us as well

- 1 John 2:16 shows \us the trouble we get into when we take our eyes off Jesus

-- “For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.”

- So here they are; in the garden living the perfect dream; and so disobedience wins

-- The effect is that there is a revealing of sin; and they see their nakedness

-- The revealing of what they had done is the result of the conscious God gives

-- We cannot separate our conscious from us anymore than we can our leg

-- The Bible says they “knew” they were naked; they “knew” they were wrong

- Man and woman were not ready to admit their sin, so they attempted to cover

-- This is a direct representation of what we do today; we try to cover our sin

-- What we do is get religion; join churches, and become religious with acts

-- But we miss the bottom line; we must repent of our sin to be cleansed

- What the devil did in this situation is simple: inserted himself between man/God

-- He didn’t do anything other than apply a little pressure; and suggest an idea

-- Satan works on the outside (looks like its good food to eat); God works the heart

-- God desires to live within us; from the inside out; not the outside in

- It is not about religion; it never was; Christianity is not about religion

- God desires for us to WANT to grow closer to Him; through our obedience

- And here comes God, looking to spend time with His creation (v8-9)

- IMP: God knew that man would disobey; this is not a surprise to Him

-- (v10-13) God comes looking for Adam; as He does you and I; to fellowship

-- But look at Adam here – there is NO confession of sin; only blaming others

-- APP: (v13) is the perfect example of passing the buck; something we do well

- TRANS: But God, had a plan for mankind even though we turned away

Point 2 – God’s Design for the Future (The Effect) (14-19)

- God first has to do is to deal with Satan; and to put him in his place (v14-15)

- (v15) shows us that there is about to be eternal turmoil between good and evil

- There will forever be two seeds in the world; and man has to choose

- When God created the world, he has three specific orders of creation

-- Angels, man, and animals; Animals had no choice; but angels and man do

- And here we see man’s choice; to disobey God and seek out his own pleasure

-- This begins a lifelong process of man seeking to fill the void in his heart

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