Summary: Part 7 of this series examines society's behavior(s) during the life of Noah, and sets up the foundation for a great catastrophe known as The Flood. (Ref: Genesis 6:1-11)

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Discovering Genesis, Part 7

Genesis 6:1-11


- This morning, we saw the earliest revelation of Jesus through Ch. 5’s lineage

- Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.

- This evening, we will begin to examine the flood, its purpose, and its revelations

- The flood is an interesting story because many want to spend time disputing it

- However, let’s set something out there right at the beginning:

-- If rather than a flood of water, God had rained down money – would there be as many complaints and desires to tear down the scriptures? Just food for thought …

- Tonight we will lay down the foundation for WHY God’s judgment came down

- Read Genesis 6:1-11

- Pray

Point 1 – Provoking God’s Wrath (1-7)

- Let’s look at the current status of where the earth is:

- Humans are increasing in rapid number

- They then decide that marriage is up to them (whoever, whenever, however)

-- This rebellion of telling God what they want grows in them to epic proportions

- God sent men like Enoch and Noah to preach to them; but still they rebelled

- God brought great conviction through this lineage (Gen 5); but nothing changed

- APP: God sees the wickedness of His children, and is frustrated with them

- Annoying God is not something you want to do; and yet these folks show us how

-- Wickedness of people is beyond understanding – but consider today

- Sin is committed in all places, times, locations, etc., with no regard to God

- Many will argue: “What happens in the privacy of my home is my business.”

- APP: God still knows what you are doing BTW, this wickedness is evident

- Let’s talk about sins in public, with no regard to the Lord or His Law today


1. Burning cross (the epitome of the Christian faith; set ablaze for what?)

2. The DaVinci Code (It’s just an opinion, no reason to get upset after all.)

3. Westboro Baptist Church (We can say anything in the name of God.)

- The times that these people lived in were no different today

- We’re about to see God’s answer to those who live this way; his wrath is JUST

- Matthew Henry writes, “The heart was deceitful and desperately wicked; the principles were corrupt; the habits and dispositions evil. Their designs and devices were wicked. They did evil deliberately, contriving how to do mischief. There was no good among them. God saw man's wickedness as one injured and wronged by it. He saw it as a tender father sees the folly and stubbornness of a rebellious and disobedient child, which grieves him, and makes him wish he had been childless.”

- However, I want you to see some striking here:

- (v6) God was literally regretting that He had created mankind

- However, (IMPORTANT), nowhere does He regret redeeming man … (expound)

- We saw in Ch. 5 the revelation of Jesus; provided to give rest and restoration

- And it is because of this same behavior here that we must take note of it today

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