Summary: As Christians we are on a journey that should cause us to discover the God we serve. I believe we find this to true in the biblical character Jacob's life in which I would like to make application from.

Discovering God

Genesis 47:7-10, 27-31

The journey of Jacob is an amazing story of a man finding his way through life with at the beginning trusting in what came natural for him. Somewhere along the way he truly discovers the God of his fathers.

In many ways our lives are similar to the life of Jacob and many others the Bible tells us about.

Question: Isn’t it true that we go through literally our entire life discovering who God is?

Mention: Phil. 3:10 Paul said in his quest for this very thing “That I may know Him”. He knew that Lord, but what he is implying here that he wanted to know Him better. In other words he is “Discovering God”.

I want to use some practical things clearly seen in the life of Jacob that will at least give us a better understanding of the God we serve.

See: Genesis 25:22-23

1. God Knows Our Frame

Point: It was He that formed us in the womb

See: Psalms 139:13-16, 1-4 The psalmist says God has pre-record our lives.

Point: We are so backwards when we spend the days of our lives trying to convince God of who we are when we should listening to God who reveals unto us who we are.

Understanding this important fact certainly would help us tremendously because God, He who has made us has the answer for each of our lives.

Jacob perhaps thought His God could even be supplanted by him as if he could convince God he was something he wasn’t.

2. God In His Providence Humbles Us

The God we serve allows us to make our own choices in this life whether He agrees with them or not, but understand this one thing He in His providence will humble us through life’s lessons.

Mention: Genesis 27 Jacob with his mother’s help manipulated his father to receive the blessings of the birthright.

See: Genesis 29:25 He is deceived by Laban his uncle

Then: Genesis 31:7

And: Genesis 37:31-35 deceived by his own sons

I believe God used each one of these situations to teach Jacob something about himself and to humble him.

In discovering God we are to attempt to find His purpose concerning the events of our lives and though in many cases we may not, but it will serve us well to know that He is doing something.

Example: Joseph and Daniel both in foreign land beyond their control found God’s purpose for their lives.

3. Never Under Estimate The Importance of Repenting

I believe one of biggest mistakes we can make in this relationship with God is take Him for granted.

You may say how can we do that? Well by simply convincing ourselves that because God knows everything about us we need not to confess and repent of our erring ways.

Mention: Genesis 32:27 Jacob while wrestling with the angel of the LORD had to admit who he really was when asked the question “What is thy name?” He had to admit that he was the supplanter and I believe also was confronted with this question again from the perspective of his answer when asked by His father years ago when he said he was Esau.

See: Genesis 35:1-15 This is where I believe we now see Jacob restored unto God. There is no more games and he is prepared to do things God’s way

See: Genesis 46:1-4 He now enquires of the LORD instead of just scheming his way along life’s journey.

Proverbs 28:13 He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

4. You Can Trust God To The End Of Life

See: Genesis 45:9 He acknowledges his trouble life and called it an pilgrimage

Mention: Hebrews 11:21 We find that Jacob in dying worshipped leaning upon the top of his staff.

I’m sure that staff reminded him that day he wrestle with God and brought him to a place where he had to trust God and could no run from Esau nor who he was.

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