Summary: Discovering the hidden treasures embedded the word of God will enables us to grow closer to God and experience Him by learning more and more about Him and His ways as well as His will and how He works in the lives of people.

Every one of us has likely been to a Bible Study in some way, shape or form whether it be one conducted in your own home, the home of a family member, at a church, seminary or vocational program. “Bible study” can be defined in a general sense as the studying, meditation or discussing of the Word of God. This can be done single-handedly or amongst fellow believers (which is the most popular). It is where we can grow closer to God and experience Him by learning more and more about Him and His ways as well as His will and how He works in the lives of people.

Seeing as how Bible study is a monumental fragment of learning about God and other things that would be deemed profitable, it is pivotal that we LEARN how to study the Bible…and the truth is…most of us who think we know how to study the Bible really have no idea!

Interpreting the Bible

When studying the Bible, one must look at the scriptures in the way that a detective looks at a crime scene. He carefully examines everything at that present moment. He does not add nor does he take away from the crime scene, and does not jump to conclusions. Too often, we study the Bible and automatically assume what the true meaning of certain scriptures are and then we attempt to apply the scriptures to our lives based off assumptions that can be heavily detrimental to the true meaning of the scriptures. Interpreting our own meaning to the scripture without studying it in its entirety is known as isogeting. What we want to do is exegete. Exegeting is defined as drawing out the true meaning of what the Spirit intends for us to discover. Exegeting, when done properly should be top priority.

Listed below are my steps to studying the Bible the right way! These steps can be taught to anyone who desires to study the Word of God and discover a treasure trove of biblical secrets, meanings, and information that can be used for a lifetime.

* Observe the Text

A good detective observes the crime scene in its entirety. While observing the text, one must examine everything. Ask yourself questions such as:

🔥Who are the people in the text?

🔥What is the geographic location of the text?

🔥What is the problem in the text?

🔥Who are the audience in the text? (I.e Who was

the text written for?)

🔥What is the author’s purpose in the text?

🔥What is the culture of the text?

🔥What is happening in the text?

🔥What is the atmosphere in the text?

* learn how to interpret

To understand verse 5 of a chapter or book, one must understand what is happening in verses 1-4. Find out the meaning of keywords, events, and names of places to interpret the scripture and discover more about what is happening.

* Evaluate the context of the text

Now that you understand what the scripture means and you have observed the text as well as interpreted its meanings, you must evaluate what you have learned and line it up with the scripture.

* Application

Aforementioned, unlocking the meaning of scripture in the bible can also lead you to other important truths as well as knowledge and understanding. When learning of everything that deals with a certain passage, we can apply the true meaning of the passage to our lives.

Final Tips for studying the Bible

If you are reading this, and you need tips on how to conduct a Bible study and teach those that are looking to you for guidance, it is important to remember that some people are visual learners and sometimes, props are needed for them to fully understand the message. These types of visual learners are mostly teenagers, but some are adults as well. Giving background information on the scripture being studied has been proven to be very helpful. Do as much research as you can on the scripture being studied. One must keep in mind that the Bible was not originally written in English and therefore cannot be interpreted from an English standpoint. Be careful with words…especially when studying the Word! Because the word is God.

Studying the Bible can be a very rewarding and interesting experience!

“Study and do your best to present yourself to God approved, a workman [tested by trial] who has no reason to be ashamed, accurately handling and skillfully teaching the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

This is how far I can give to you. God bless you.

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