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Summary: Don’t allow religious issues to keep you from getting to your only source of help.

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As we make our way into the scripture this morning, we encounter a woman with an uncontrollable hemorrhage. She had been hemorrhaging for 12 years, and because of her condition no one could touch her or anything she touched.

She was apparently hopeless. She felt ashamed, embarrassed, and unworthy. She was ostracized and cut off from society. Excommunicated from any religious activity.

If this woman was married, then according to law, as found in Lev. 15:25-27, she was to seperate herself from her husband, so as not to make him unclean.

The fact that she was considered unclean had sunk deeply into her mind. She had been left alone and cut off from family and society. Alone for 12 long years.

She had gone to every doctor that she knew of, or had heard about, yet not one of them was able to help her. And now she is poor because she has spent everything she ever had seeking a cure.

Every day she experienced loneliness. She new about unacceptance. She was a case study in low self esteem. Even in her own eyes she was nothing.

She had heard of Jesus, and she knew He was passing close by, but the very thought of approaching Him only brought more feelings of embarrassment and unworthiness.

Her issue, this hemorrhaging, was a very personal and intimate matter. Much too embarrassing to be discussed before people, and she felt sure that Jesus would never touch her because of her issue.

In fact she wasn’t even supposed to be in the crowd that was around Jesus that day. Her issue was supposed to be the thing that isolated her, but desperation was driving her.

That voice within her was screaming out, "He will never touch you", but another voice was saying, " maybe not, but if I could just touch Him."

If I could just touch His garment. He might not even know, but just one touch is all I will ever need.

I want to tell you what I sense in the Spirit here today. This woman’s condition is very similar to some of yours. She was diseased with an issue, and that issue was the point of seperation between her and her cure.

She could have allowed her issue to stand between her and her only means of restoration. But what that little woman did, is what I am hoping some of you will do in here today. She said issue or no issue. Law or no law. Rules or no rules. This may be my last oppotunity to get well, and I refuse to allow this issue to control me.

I don’t know whether you can sense it or not this morning, but there is a desperation in my spirit, because all across this auditorium there are people dealing with issue’s and those issue’s are what they are allowing to keep them from the greatest source of power this world has ever known.

I’m talking about issue’s. I’m talking about the things that are keeping you from giving your life to God. Issue’s.

Some of you are dealing with bitterness. Unforegiveness. Anger. Failed relationships. Some won’t live for God because the church is full of hypocrites and pharisee’s. Some won’t come because saints have failed. Others because preachers have failed. For some the church is too loud, for others it’s not loud enough. Some won’t come because I refuse to waste every service telling people how to look and where to go. Others aren’t here because they think that is what church is all about. Some don’t care about their future. Some are being rocked to sleep in the present, while others are still being haunted by their past.

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