Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: One hundred contrasts between destructive and constructive attitudes

Displacing Destructive and Devilish Attitudes with Christlike Attitudes (Eph. 4:20-32)

"Putting off what is evil and putting on what is good."

Illustration: I once heard a preacher say, "The opposite of love is not hate--it’s self!" That surprising statement reminded me of 2 Timothy 3:1-4, where Paul listed the signs of the endtimes. One of those signs is people who are "lovers of themselves" (v.2). In sharp contrast to these self-saturated people are those whose lives are saturated with the servant attitude of Christ.

When Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, He gave us an example to follow (Jn. 13:15-17). We too are to serve others selflessly.

That was the heart of what General William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, said just before He died. His little mission to the poor of London had spread across the world. His "soldiers" were gathered together at an international convention. General Booth had intended to be there to deliver the main address, but because he became ill he was unable to come. Those at the convention longed to receive a message from their beloved leader. So from his sickbed Booth dictated a one-word telegram that would be his last sermon. His final message was this: "Others!"

If we had to give our last word today, what would it be--a self-word or a servant-word? The time to decide is now, while we can still change. (Our Daily Bread)

Discouragement with Encouragement (Phil. 2:1,2)

Delusional w/ Truth, hope and correct beliefs (2 Tim. 2:15)

Deceit w/ clarity (Gal 6:7-10)

Distortion w/ discernment (Phil. 1:9-11)

Destructive attitudes w/ constructive motivations (Eph. 4:28-32)

Despair w/ hope (Rom 15:13)

Deleterious w/ Spirit driven (Rom 8:6-8)

Delirious w/ Love not the world (I Jn 2:15,16)

Distress w/ comfort (2 Cor 1:3,4)

Degradation w/ purity (I Tim 4:12)

Discontent w/ contentment (Phil. 4:12,13)

Disharmony w/ harmony (Phil. 2:2)

Disgraceful w/ your honor, favor and blessing (Psa 103:1,2)

Disenchantment w/ sound thinking (2 Tim 1:7)

Deprivation w/ your promise to supply all needs (Phil. 4:19)

Dishonest w/ honesty (Eph. 4:15)

Disgruntled w/ thankfulness (I Thes 5:16-18)

Discredit w/ your credit, reward and approval (I Cor 3:1-10)

Discord w/ harmony (Phil 2:2-5)

Disdain w/ love (I Cor 13:4-7)

Discourteous w/ courtesy, respect and graciousness (Eph. 4:28-32)

Disease w/ your healing, health, and help (James 5:16)

Disfavor w/ your favor, blessings and grace (2 Tim. 2:1)

Disfranchised w/ your acceptance, belonging and inclusion (Rom 15:7)

Disguised w/ speaking the truth in holiness (Eph. 4:14-18)

Disapprove w/ approving all things that are good (Rom. 12:1-3)

Disorder w/ your order, organization and process (I Cor 14:44)

Disobedience w/ obedience, submission and consecration (John 14:21)

Disinterest w/ interest, commitment and attention (Josh 1:8,9)

Disconnected w/ connections to you, your people & plan (John 21:15-17)

Disproportion w/ keeping things in proper priorities & proportion (Mt 6:33)

Disloyal w/ loyalty to you, your people and leaders (I Pet 5:5,6)

Dismissive w/ hearing people out (James 1:19)

Disinclined w/ perseverance, attentiveness & inclined to good (Eph 6:18)

Disjoined w/ the members of the body and their gifts (I Cor 12:6-20)

Dispirited w/ the joy of the Lord as my strength (Neh 8:10)

Distracted w/ concentration on things above (Col. 3:1-4)

Dissent w/ agreement, cooperation and conciliation (Heb 13:7)

Disappointed w/ belief (Rom 5:5)

Disillusionment w/obedient avoidance of trouble making (Psa 7:14)

Disputing w/ agreeing to disagree (Prov. 18:18)

Dissension w/ peace-making (Prov 15:18)

Divisions w/ unity (Rom 16:17)

Distracted w/ Mary like listening (Lk 10:38-42)

Dreadful fears w/ faith (Heb 10:31)

Doubting w/ stable confidence in answers to prayer (James 1:6)

Distraught w/ hope (Psa 73:25,26)

Destitute w/ the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want (Psa 23)

Darkness w/ the Lord is my light and my salvation (Psa 27:1,2)

Decayed w good attitudes, motivations & thoughts (Phil 4:8)

Disconnected w/ connected with God, truth, loving people (Jn 15:1-16)

Disconsolate w/ meaning, hope and purpose (Col 3:16,17)

Displeasing attitudes, actions & words w/ pleasing attitudes (Col 1:9-11)

Disoriented w/ oriented as a servant like Christ (Phil. 2:5)

Disabled w/ confidence in His all sufficient grace (2 Cor 12:9,10)

Disgruntled and complaining and criticizing w/ confidence (Phil. 4:12,13)

Disarmed w/ taking up the full armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18)

Detached w/ attached to godly people and God (Phil 2:1-4)

Discord w/ love (I Cor 13:4-7)

Dreary w/ cheery (Phil. 4:4)

Detached with attached to what is godly (2 Tim 3:10)

Debauchery w/ commitment to seeking God’s face (2 Chron 7:14)

Distracted w/ focus (Heb 12:1,2)

Desires for selfish pleasures w/ sowing the good seed (Mark 4:1-21)

Dissuaded w/ persuaded that He guards what I entrusted 2 Tim 1:12

Disqualified w/ qualified by running with temperance (I Cor 9:24-27)

Diabetes w/ godly diet, exercise and weight control (I Tim 4:7,8)

Derogatory speech w/ edifying comments (Eph. 4:11-16)

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